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The Unwanteds

The Unwanteds
Author: Lisa McMann
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 416
Release: 2012-07-10
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN: 1442407697

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In a society that purges thirteen-year-olds who are creative, identical twins Aaron and Alex are separated, one to attend University while the other, supposedly Eliminated, finds himself in a wondrous place where youths hone their abilities and learn magic.

The Unwanted Horse Issue: what Now?

The Unwanted Horse Issue: what Now?
Author: United States. Horse Welfare Committee
Total Pages: 122
Release: 2008
Genre: Animal welfare

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The Unwanted Undead Adventurer: Volume 7

The Unwanted Undead Adventurer: Volume 7
Author: Yu Okano
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Total Pages: 195
Release: 2020-12-12
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 1718321120

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Now that they can travel by teleportation circle, Rentt and Lorraine visit Vistelya, the capital of the Kingdom of Yaaran. Using Lorraine's magic to hide his identity, Rentt decides to check out the guild headquarters. While viewing the job board there, a Silver-class adventurer from Maalt named Augurey requests that he accept a job. They agree, but Rentt and Lorraine's fighting styles end up giving away their identities. They form a magic contract to keep their visit a secret, but then the God of Contracts appears! Once they’re able to return to Hathara, Rentt senses that something is wrong with his vampiric servant, Edel, back in Maalt...

The Unwanted Gaze

The Unwanted Gaze
Author: Jeffrey Rosen
Publisher: Vintage
Total Pages: 298
Release: 2011-04-20
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 0307766608

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As thinking, writing, and gossip increasingly take place in cyberspace, the part of our life that can be monitored and searched has vastly expanded. E-mail, even after it is deleted, becomes a permanent record that can be resurrected by employers or prosecutors at any point in the future. On the Internet, every website we visit, every store we browse in, every magazine we skim--and the amount of time we skim it--create electronic footprints that can be traced back to us, revealing detailed patterns about our tastes, preferences, and intimate thoughts. In this pathbreaking book, Jeffrey Rosen explores the legal, technological, and cultural changes that have undermined our ability to control how much personal information about ourselves is communicated to others, and he proposes ways of reconstructing some of the zones of privacy that law and technology have been allowed to invade. In the eighteenth century, when the Bill of Rights was drafted, the spectacle of state agents breaking into a citizen's home and rummaging through his or her private diaries was considered the paradigm case of an unconstitutional search and seizure. But during the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, prosecutors were able to subpoena Monica Lewinsky's bookstore receipts and to retrieve unsent love letters from her home computer. And the sense of violation that Monica Lewinsky experienced is not unique. In a world in which everything that Americans read, write, and buy can be recorded and monitored in cyberspace, there is a growing danger that intimate personal information originally disclosed only to our friends and colleagues may be exposed to--and misinterpreted by--a less understanding audience of strangers. Privacy is important, Rosen argues, because it protects us from being judged out of context in a world of short attention spans, a world in which isolated bits of intimate information can be confused with genuine knowledge. Rosen also examines the expansion of sexual-harassment law that has given employers an incentive to monitor our e-mail, Internet browsing habits, and office romances. And he suggests that some forms of offensive speech in the workplace--including the indignities allegedly suffered by Paula Jones and Anita Hill--are better conceived of as invasions of privacy than as examples of sex discrimination. Combining discussions of current events--from Kenneth Starr's tapes to DoubleClick's on-line profiles--with inno-vative legal and cultural analysis, The Unwanted Gaze offers a powerful challenge to Americans to be proactive in the face of new threats to privacy in the twenty-first century.

Rehabilitation for the Unwanted

Rehabilitation for the Unwanted
Author: Elizabeth Eddy
Publisher: Routledge
Total Pages: 242
Release: 2017-09-29
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 1351494023

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This book is a study detailing what happens to people and what life is like in a rehabilitation program. The program discussed is embedded in an institution, called ""Farewell Hospital"" by the authors, that was designed to fill a demand for facilities for those judged unable to live on their own. Due to physical or mental handicaps and no family, friends, or other social agents who are willing to make a home for them outside of a public institution, these patients were placed in a rehabilitation unit.Most patients were placed with the rehabilitation unit as a brief interlude before their permanent placement in the custodial unit of the vast institution where they would live out their lives. This work deals with the question of what happens to patients once they are rehabilitated and the non-therapeutic rules and practices of the health and welfare structure of which they are a part. In this case, the rehabilitation specialists and ward workers set themselves the task of improving the life chances of their clients by treating their ailments when possible and by improving their physical functioning so that they were better able to care for their own needs.The authors examine the effects of the organizational relationships on rehabilitation outcomes and on the lives of the people who make hospitals their home. The text attempts to sustain feeling for the historical context of their study the ""problem"" of larger numbers of disabled, poverty-stricken persons, who are no longer wanted by anyone and asserts that a ""solution"" must be found.

Elisabeth and the Unwanted Advice

Elisabeth and the Unwanted Advice
Author: C. H. Deriso
Publisher: Capstone
Total Pages: 161
Release: 2016
Genre: Babysitting
ISBN: 1491488646

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When her grandma hears Elisabeth will be babysitting, she offers up a list of advice. Meanwhile, Elisabeth is crushing on a boy and her best pal has her on advice on how to get him. Unfortunately, Elisabeth finds out that not all advice is good, embarrassing herself in the process!

Cry of the Unwanted

Cry of the Unwanted
Author: Arthur Egbuniwe
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Total Pages: 164
Release: 2003
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 1412004063

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Life in present day Austria (A Short History of Africans in Austria).

The Unwanted Undead Adventurer (Manga) Volume 1

The Unwanted Undead Adventurer (Manga) Volume 1
Author: Yu Okano
Publisher: J-Novel Club
Total Pages: 166
Release: 2019-11-13
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels
ISBN: 1718347901

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It's been ten years since Rentt Faina, a down-on-his luck Bronze-class adventurer, set his eyes on becoming Mithril-class. Unfortunately, Rentt finds himself helpless when confronted by a legendary Dragon in the Labyrinth of the Moon's Reflection... and is summarily eaten. But Rentt has miraculously reawakened... as a Skeleton?!

The Unwanted

The Unwanted
Author: Don Brown
Publisher: HMH Books For Young Readers
Total Pages: 115
Release: 2018
Genre: Syria
ISBN: 1328810151

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In the tradition of Don Brown's critically acclaimed, full-color nonfiction graphic novels The Great American Dust Bowl and Sibert Honor winning Drowned City, The Unwanted is an important, timely, and eye-opening exploration of the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis, exposing the harsh realities of living in, and trying to escape, a war zone. Starting in 2011, refugees flood out of war-torn Syria in Exodus-like proportions. The surprising flood of victims overwhelms neighboring countries, and chaos follows. Resentment in host nations heightens as disruption and the cost of aid grows. By 2017, many want to turn their backs on the victims. The refugees are the unwanted. Don Brown depicts moments of both heartbreaking horror and hope in the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis. Shining a light on the stories of the survivors, The Unwanted is a testament to the courage and resilience of the refugees and a call to action for all those who read.

The Unwanted Dukes Collection: Volume Two

The Unwanted Dukes Collection: Volume Two
Author: Jessie Clever
Publisher: Someday Lady Publishing, LLC
Total Pages: 562
Release: 2022-08-22
Genre: Fiction

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Now available in one collection, the final two full-length novels in the steamy, heart-stopping historical romance series, The Unwanted Dukes. Included in this collection: The Duke and the Spitfire Lady Johanna Darby has loved Benedict Carver since they were young, but he’s never seen her as more than his best friend’s little sister. When Benedict marries another and emigrates to America, she knows she will never love another. But with her sisters all wed, Johanna resigns herself to finding a match to finally leave her family home and give her brother his much-deserved freedom to find his own wife. Until Benedict unexpectedly returns, newly titled and widowed. Benedict Carver never doubted his place as the second son of a duke, mostly because his father would never let him forget it. Denied the station he desired at his family’s beloved Raeford Court, Benedict is sent to America with the bride his father chose for him. But when his brother dies in a tragic accident, Benedict finds himself with the title and an estate on the brink of collapse thanks to his brother’s gambling debts and neglect. Having sworn never to remarry, Benedict must now select a bride with a hefty fortune if he is to save his beloved Raeford Court. Even if that bride is his best friend’s little sister. The Duke and the Lass Lady Catriona Cordelia Mackenzie became a burden the moment she was born. Unwanted by her Scottish father for being born a girl and scorned by her grandmother for carrying a hated name, Della is only left with books for comfort. But when she reaches her majority, her father summons her to his Scottish keep to marry her off to the gentleman who will pledge the greatest alliance to him. No matter the man’s vile reputation. Andrew Darby, the Duke of Ravenwood, accepted the MacKenzie’s invitation to his Scottish keep thinking it to be a much-deserved stalking trip. After seeing his four sisters safely wed, he’s ready to start enjoying his own life without the responsibility of caring for his sisters. But when he learns of the MacKenzie’s true intent, he cannot stand by and allow Della to face her fate. Even if it means he must marry her. If you love sexy, spellbinding romance and heartwarming humor, don’t miss this captivating series from bestselling author Jessie Clever. Discover adventure and romance when you download The Unwanted Dukes Volume 2 today.