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Tarihi Roman Özetleri

Tarihi Roman Özetleri
Author: Tarihçi Adam
Publisher: Tarihçi Adam
Total Pages: 27
Release: 2018-06-10

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Tarihi tarzda yazılmış farklı roman türlerinin özetleri

Historical Dictionary of Turkey

Historical Dictionary of Turkey
Author: Metin Heper
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Total Pages: 870
Release: 2018-05-23
Genre: History
ISBN: 1538102250

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This fourth edition of Historical Dictionary of Turkey contains a chronology, an introduction, appendixes, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 900 cross-referenced entries on important personalities, politics, economy, foreign relations, religion, and culture.

The Cambridge History of Turkey

The Cambridge History of Turkey
Author: Kate Fleet
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 520
Release: 2008
Genre: History
ISBN: 0521620961

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Routledge Handbook on Turkish Literature

Routledge Handbook on Turkish Literature
Author: Didem Havlioğlu
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Total Pages: 623
Release: 2023-04-10
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1000842339

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This Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of Turkish literature within both a local and global context. Across eight thematic sections a collection of subject experts use close readings of literature materials to provide a critical survey of the main issues and topics within the literature. The chapters provide analysis on a wide range of genres and text types, including novels, poetry, religious texts, and drama, with works studied ranging from the fourteenth century right up to the present day. Using such a historic scope allows the volume to be read across cultures and time, while simultaneously contextualizing and investigating how modern Turkish literature interacts with world literature, and finds its place within it. Collectively, the authors challenge the national literary historiography by replacing the Ottoman Turkish literature in the Anatolian civilizations with its plurality of cultures. They also seek to overcome the institutional and theoretical shortcomings within current study of such works, suggesting new approaches and methods for the study of Turkish literature. The Routledge Handbook on Turkish Literature marks a new departure in the reading and studying of Turkish literature. It will be a vital resource for those studying literature, Middle East studies, Turkish and Ottoman history, social sciences, and political science.

Turkey and the Politics of National Identity

Turkey and the Politics of National Identity
Author: Shane Brennan
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 323
Release: 2014-09-19
Genre: History
ISBN: 085773685X

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In the first decade of the twenty-first century Turkey experienced an extraordinary set of transformations. In 2001, in the midst of financial difficulties, the country was under IMF stewardship, yet it has recently emerged as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. And on the international stage, Turkey has managed to enhance its position from being a backseat NATO member and outside candidate for EU membership to being an influential regional power, determining and developing its own individual foreign policy. Shane Brennan and Marc Herzog explore how these and other changes have shaped the way people in Turkey perceive themselves and how the country's self-image shapes its actions. In the modern age, the sovereign nation-state still continues to be one of the basic building blocks of social or political identity. The Turkish Republic, founded in 1923, is a good example. In weaving together and selecting certain elements of memory, myth, tradition and symbols, the narratives of national identity in Turkey have been, to a large extent, socially constructed.This volume offers analysis of the ways in which these narratives have been created, maintained and negotiated, and how current economic and political interests have been incorporated into the construction of a modern identity. External forces such as those of cultural and economic globalisation have also been influential agents in this process. As a result, the space and opportunity for social and cultural expression has increasingly widened while alternative identities and life-style choices at both the collective and individual levels have also become more visible. Bearing this in mind, this book examines issues such as those of alternative gender identity and sexual orientation, formerly taboo issues. Through different approaches engaging with politics, economy, society, culture and history, Turkey and the Politics of National Identity offers new perspectives on the transformation of national identity in this increasingly influential country in the Middle East.

New Organs Within Us

New Organs Within Us
Author: Aslihan Sanal
Publisher: Duke University Press
Total Pages: 265
Release: 2011-07
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 0822349124

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An ethnographic analysis of organ transplantation in Turkey, based on the stories of kidney-transplant patients and physicians in Istanbul.

Turkey in the 21st Century

Turkey in the 21st Century
Author: Özden Zeynep Oktav
Publisher: Routledge
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2016-02-17
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 1317005988

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This unique book investigates the complex transformation of Turkey's foreign policy, focusing on changing threat perceptions and the reformulation of its Western identity. This transformation cannot be explained solely in terms of strategic choices or agency driven policies but encompasses power shifts and systemic transformations. Is Turkey shifting its axis? Will this affect its traditional Western-oriented foreign policy? The book begins by discussing the relationship between security and globalization, using examples of Turkey's regional positioning. It then focuses on to what extent the 'traditional' discourse on security in Turkish politics, which prevailed during the Cold War era and beyond, has undergone a change in the new era. This timely book is a much needed account of how pragmatism rather than ideology is the main determinant in Turkey's current foreign policy and should be read by all looking for a fresh and stimulating take on Turkey's response to globalization and the internationalization of security in the 21st Century.

Archiv Orientální

Archiv Orientální
Total Pages: 580
Release: 2004
Genre: Africa

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Turkologie für das 21. Jahrhundert

Turkologie für das 21. Jahrhundert
Author: Hendrik Fenz
Publisher: Otto Harrassowitz
Total Pages: 316
Release: 2006
Genre: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Dieser Sammelband, der einen Teil der Vortrage anlasslich der Hamburger Turkologentagung 1999 enthalt, vereint Themen aus Geschichte und Gegenwart, aus Sprache und Literatur. Neben Beitragen zur Entwicklung des Turkischen in den neuen Medien oder zur Sprachpolitik in der Turkei stehen Diskurse uber den Umgang mit literarischen Texten und deren literaturgeschichtliche Einordnung, Studien uber Goethe und Dietz oder die Verbindung von Musik und Literatur in der turkischen Kulturgeschichte. Uber die Turkei als geographisch-historischer Rahmen gehen einzelne Beitrage hinaus, die sich mit dem Osmanischen Reich, den kaukasischen wie zentralasiatischen Gebieten oder aber auch der turkischen Einwanderung in Deutschland - die viel fruher als gemeinhin angenommen, namlich 1871 begann - beschaftigen. Es entsteht ein umfassender Einblick in die Breite und Vielfalt des Faches Turkologie.