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Inheritance of Wealth

Inheritance of Wealth
Author: Daniel Halliday
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2018-01-26
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 0192524992

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Daniel Halliday examines the moral grounding of the right to bequeath or transfer wealth. He engages with contemporary concerns about wealth inequality, class hierarchy, and taxation, while also drawing on the history of the egalitarian, utilitarian, and liberal traditions in political philosophy. He presents an egalitarian case for restricting inherited wealth, arguing that unrestricted inheritance is unjust to the extent that it enables and enhances the intergenerational replication of inequality. Here, inequality is understood in a group-based sense: the unjust effects of inheritance are principally in its tendency to concentrate certain opportunities into certain groups. This results in what Halliday describes as 'economic segregation'. He defends a specific proposal about how to tax inherited wealth: roughly, inheritance should be taxed more heavily when it comes from old money. He rebuts some sceptical arguments against inheritance taxes, and makes suggestions about how tax schemes should be designed.

The Dynamics of Inheritance on the Shakespearean Stage

The Dynamics of Inheritance on the Shakespearean Stage
Author: Michelle M. Dowd
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 305
Release: 2015-05-19
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1316300749

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Early modern England's system of patrilineal inheritance, in which the eldest son inherited his father's estate and title, was one of the most significant forces affecting social order in the period. Demonstrating that early modern theatre played a unique and vital role in shaping how inheritance was understood, Michelle M. Dowd explores some of the common contingencies that troubled this system: marriage and remarriage, misbehaving male heirs, and families with only daughters. Shakespearean drama helped question and reimagine inheritance practices, making room for new formulations of gendered authority, family structure, and wealth transfer. Through close readings of canonical and non-canonical plays by Shakespeare, Webster, Jonson, and others, Dowd pays particular attention to the significance of space in early modern inheritance and the historical relationship between dramatic form and the patrilineal economy. Her book will interest researchers and students of early modern drama, Shakespeare, gender studies, and socio-economic history.

Inheritance Law and Political Theology in Shakespeare and Milton

Inheritance Law and Political Theology in Shakespeare and Milton
Author: Joseph S. Jenkins
Publisher: Routledge
Total Pages: 248
Release: 2016-05-23
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 1317116658

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Reading God's will and a man's Last Will as ideas that reinforce one another, this study shows the relevance of England's early modern crisis, regarding faith in the will of God, to current debates by legal academics on the theory of property and its succession. The increasing power of the dead under law in the US, the UK, and beyond-a concern of recent volumes in law and social sciences-is here addressed through a distinctive approach based on law and humanities. Vividly treating literary and biblical battles of will, the book suggests approaches to legal constitution informed by these dramas and by English legal history. This study investigates correlations between the will of God in Judeo-Christian traditions and the Last Wills of humans, especially dominant males, in cultures where these traditions have developed. It is interdisciplinary, in the sense that it engages with the limits of several fields: it is informed by humanities critical theory, especially Benjaminian historical materialism and Lacanian psychoanalysis, but refrains from detailed theoretical considerations. Dramatic narratives from the Bible, Shakespeare, and Milton are read as suggesting real possibilities for alternative inheritance (i.e., constitutional) regimes. As Jenkins shows, these texts propose ways to alleviate violence, violence both personal and political, through attention to inheritance law.

Inheritance in Public Policy

Inheritance in Public Policy
Author: Richard Rose
Publisher: Yale University Press
Total Pages: 288
Release: 1994-01-01
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 9780300058772

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Although politicians promise innovation and change when they run for office, once elected they face inherited commitments to programs initiated by their predecessors, legacies that severely limit their freedom of choice. In this book, the authors examine the ways in which decisions made by past generations of administrators control policy-making in the present.

Inherited Cancer Syndromes

Inherited Cancer Syndromes
Author: C. Neal Ellis
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Total Pages: 204
Release: 2010-10-29
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 1441968210

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The second edition of Inherited Cancer Syndromes incorporates new genetic markers data with the clinical utility and practicality of the first edition.

Inherited Metabolic Epilepsies

Inherited Metabolic Epilepsies
Author: Phillip L. Pearl, MD
Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing
Total Pages: 377
Release: 2012-10-04
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 1617050563

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The explosion of information in neurogenetics and metabolism mandates increasing awareness of appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in the setting of certain epilepsies, especially those of very early onset. There are over 200 inherited disorders that are associated with seizures and prompt identification and intervention is crucial for a positive outcome. This text brings together leading authorities presenting state-of-the-art clinical reviews covering the science, recognition, and treatment of the inherited metabolic epilepsies and related disorders. Inherited Metabolic Epilepsies opens with a section on general principles for diagnosis and targeted intervention including screening protocols, laboratory testing, neuroimaging, seizure patterns and EEG findings, new technologies, and the ketogenic diet in metabolic epilepsies. The next two sections are devoted to the cohort of specific small molecule disorders (aminoacidopathies, organic acidopathies, mitochondrial disorders, urea cycle disorders, neurotransmitter disorders, and glucose-related disorders) and large molecule disorders (lysomal storage disorders, peroxisomal diseases, glycosylation defects, and leukodystrophies) that are treatable yet can be so vexing to clinicians and investigators. The book concludes with a clinical algorithm designed to be a resource for the physician in search of direction when considering an inherited metabolic disorder as the explanation for a patient with epilepsy. Inherited Metabolic Epilepsies Key Features: Presents the latest scientific thinking and clinical wisdom for a poorly understood group of disorders that have devastating consequences if unrecognized or not promptly treated Expert authorship from both the genetic-metabolic and epilepsy communities provides state-of-the-art guidance for understanding and managing these disorders A readable text for clinicians highlighting the relation between metabolic errors and epilepsy Concludes with a practical algorithm for evaluating a patient with a possible metabolic epilepsy

Stewart's Purdon's Digest

Stewart's Purdon's Digest
Author: Pennsylvania
Total Pages: 1794
Release: 1923
Genre: Law

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Upper Burma Rulings

Upper Burma Rulings
Author: Burma, Upper. Ta rāʺ Ṭhāna khyupʻ Vanʻ krīʺ maṅʻʺ
Total Pages: 286
Release: 1918
Genre: Burma, Upper

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