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Fury's Love

Fury's Love
Author: Tess Matthews
Publisher: Blushing Publications
Total Pages: 310
Release: 2020-09-17
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1645635015

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One tragic night changed Belle Alston's world forever. She gave up an opportunity for love and chose vengeance instead. Now, her life is a lie. Belle must disguise herself as a boy, and she becomes the notorious bounty hunter, Fury. But Fury has a problem, Ranger Travis Parker, a man from her past, a man she believed she could have a future with. To make matters worse, Travis knows her true identity. Belle is determined to continue her life as Fury, but Travis has other plans. He is taking her home, whether she likes it or not. Travis will do anything to get Belle home and keep her safe, even if he has to warm her cute little backside. Publisher's Note: Fury's Love is a sweet romance set in 1880s Texas, filled with suspense, humor, endearing romance, and a theme of loving power exchange.

Daydreaming the Idyll

Daydreaming the Idyll
Author: Ryan Victor
Publisher: PartridgeIndia
Total Pages: 76
Release: 2014-05
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 1482833042

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'Daydreaming the Idyll', the first collection of poems by Ryan Victor is a book about love, despair, imagery and chaos. The poet uses a wide range of subjects to express his feelings and convey his perspective across to the reader. He uses free verse liberally. The tone and lyric of his poems varies considerably as they have been written over a span of almost ten years and incorporate an array of writing styles. The poet uses imagery from nature widely and his writings on despair come from deep personal strata.


Author: Paul Hardt
Publisher: iUniverse
Total Pages: 519
Release: 2012-10
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1475955820

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Orphan Ethan Hawk has spent the past twelve years sequestered by his uncle. His only friends are two weapon masters sent to train him in ancient warfare. Tired of being isolated, Ethan does not know his uncle is preparing him for a prophecy written in blood on another world. Then one fateful night, a would-be assassin dies a hard death, and Ethan learns the secret of his heritage. Ethan's family is from Bonshea, a world vibrant with magic and haunted by war. Ethan learns his family safeguards one of six Kingdom Gates connecting Bonshea and Earth crafted by Bonshea Powerstriders a thousand years earlier. But malevolent evil lives in the desperate kingdoms of Bonshea, and Agrinor's beasts are preparing to break the world again. Honoring his uncle's last wish to protect the Hawk Gate and defeat Agrinor's evil legions, Ethan returns to Bonshea to protect the Hawk Gate and prepare House Hawk for a cruel war of howling magic and honed steel. But he knows there are those who will do anything to eliminate the last Hawk. In this fantasy tale of blood, steel, duty, and honor, prophecy twists fate and destiny rides a restless wind as descendants of legendary men and women face the same horror as their ancestors.

Gemini Rising

Gemini Rising
Author: Jessica O'Gorek
Publisher: Cogent Publishing
Total Pages: 280
Release: 2013-04
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9780925776259

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Angry at the human race and its methodical destruction of her resources, Mother Earth recruits the Gemini, souls who have just left their bodies, to systematically destroy humankind. Amidst the chaos, a forbidden relationship between a human girl and a lead Gemini begins.

Fury’s Choice

Fury’s Choice
Author: Brey Willows
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc
Total Pages: 294
Release: 2017-09-12
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1626398704

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Fury Tisera Graves needs a break. She wants a normal life, but she can’t see a way out of Afterlife. When the gods begin running marketing campaigns in an effort to woo followers, she steps in to keep them in line, although she really just wants to get away from it all. Playgirl philanthropist Kera Espinosa made a nearly fatal mistake, and now she’s trying to make up for it by doing good work around the world. She’s got no time for the gods, who don’t do nearly enough. And she’s still searching for the people who nearly destroyed her. When she finds them, she’s prepared to sacrifice it all to make them pay. When it comes time for both women to choose, will they find love or destruction?

Fury's Kiss

Fury's Kiss
Author: Karen Chance
Publisher: Penguin
Total Pages: 546
Release: 2012-10-02
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 0451413237

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Dorina Basarab is a dhampir—half-human, half-vampire. Subject to uncontrollable rages, most dhampirs live very short, very violent lives. But so far, Dory has managed to maintain her sanity by unleashing her anger on those demons and vampires who deserve killing... Dory is used to fighting hard and nasty. So when she wakes up in a strange scientific lab with a strange man standing over her, her first instinct is to take his head off. Luckily, the man is actually the master vampire Louis-Cesare, so he’s not an easy kill. It turns out that Dory had been working with a Vampire Senate task force on the smuggling of magical items and weaponry out of Faerie when she was captured and brought to the lab. But when Louis-Cesare rescues her, she has no memory of what happened to her. To find out what was done to her—and who is behind it—Dory will have to face off with fallen angels, the maddest of mad scientists, and a new breed of vampires that are far worse than undead…


Author: David Bret
Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag
Total Pages: 334
Release: 2004
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 9781861057877

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Morrissey is Britain's most articulate singer-songwriter, a lyricist of aching loneliness and lacerating wit. His latest album, "You Are the Quarry," is one of his best solo efforts since the disbanding of the Smiths. Here, Morrissey's friends and entourage speak frankly about the reclusive pop idol.

Rage of a Dark Queen

Rage of a Dark Queen
Author: P.M. Hansen
Publisher: Tsaksen Books
Total Pages: 576
Release: 2015-03-02
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 0992431522

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The Second Book of The Last War of Gods and Men In an ancient world of gods and heroes, the threat of war is rising… From the city of Trachis, near the pass of Thermopylae, three kings set sail for the holy island of Asteria and the gathering of kings called by the twin temples of Apollo and Artemis, intent on foiling the plans of Atreus, king of Mycenae, who seeks dominion over all the cities and kingdoms of the Aegean sea. To the north, in the shadow of Mount Olympus, the hero Heracles looks to free the besieged city of Elone, joining forces with the Centaurs to wage war against the combined armies of Lapith and Dryopes warriors, who under the command of the Strategos Coronus have been ordered to destroy the city of the Hellenes. While Hera, the outcast Queen of the Gods, strives to raise a new god to cast aside the old, and will sacrifice the immortals of Pelasgia to achieve her goal. Yet all the while the question remains, where are the other Olympians? Against a backdrop of war and betrayal, a young man will struggle to understand the power of the gods, and his role in the struggle to come. And if they are not careful, the Dark Queen will sacrifice all to chaos.

Haunting Stories From Unseen World

Haunting Stories From Unseen World
Author: Hseham Amrahs
Publisher: Mahesh Dutt Sharma
Total Pages: 192
Release: 2024-01-27
Genre: Fiction

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This anthology is a collection of spine-chilling narratives drawn from the darkest corners of the cosmos, where the laws of reality bend and twist, and the veil between the mundane and the macabre is perilously thin. Each tale serves as a portal to an otherworldly realm, where the inexplicable and the terrifying converge to weave a tapestry of cosmic horror. These stories are not bound by the limitations of our known universe; instead, they propel readers into the cosmic unknown, where the echoes of dread and the whispers of the eldritch dance in the shadows. As the curator of this ethereal compendium, I invite you, dear reader, to embark on a journey into the realms beyond the stars. Prepare to encounter malevolent entities, ancient forces, and unspeakable horrors that defy earthly comprehension. These stories are not for the faint of heart; they are tales that grip the soul and elicit a primal fear—a fear that resonates not only with the unknown lurking in the cosmos but also with the depths of the human psyche. In the following pages, you will traverse desolate planets shrouded in perpetual darkness, confront entities that defy the laws of nature, and witness the awakening of malevolent forces that have slumbered for eons. Each story is a portal to a different dimension, a glimpse into the cosmic nightmares that await those who dare to peer beyond the veil.