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Dead Beautiful

Dead Beautiful
Author: Yvonne Woon
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd
Total Pages: 270
Release: 2011-05-01
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
ISBN: 1409537544

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Coming from sunny California, the mist-shrouded Academy was a shock, with its strange customs, ancient curriculum and study of Latin - the language of the dead. Then I discovered that the school has more than one dark secret... I also discovered Dante. Intelligent, elusive and devastatingly gorgeous, most people can't decide whether they love, hate or fear him. All I know is that when we're together, I've never felt more alive - or more afraid. "I really enjoyed this book, it was fast moving, gutsy and engaging. Once I picked it up I found it very hard to put it down. The plot was just fantastic, and original... What I loved most was the use of classic literature to help tell the story... It grabs you, and when it finishes you don't really know what to do with yourself. Superb." - The Book Bag

Dead Beautiful Truth

Dead Beautiful Truth
Author: Varun Sharma & Adesh Oberoi
Publisher: Dead Beautiful Truth
Total Pages: 170
Release: 2007-12-24
ISBN: 1419682202

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A radical, terse and unheard of story that delves into the mysteries of life and in turn unearths meaning of every instinct and reaction of man. By the time the story ends, you will understand life

Drop Dead Beautiful

Drop Dead Beautiful
Author: Jackie Collins
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 543
Release: 2012-01-31
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1471100162

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From Miami to Beverly Hills, from Mexico City and Acapulco to Las Vegas, Lucky Santangelo is back! And so is the illegitimate son Anthony Bonar, of her one time Godfather and lethal enemy, Enzio Bonnati. Featuring a brand new introduction from bestselling author, Melanie Blake, talking about what Jackie and her books mean to her! 'Jackie Collins’s daring, unapologetic stroke of the pen, combined with her glorious wit, has single-handedly given creative license to new generations of authors and storytellers' COLLEEN HOOVER 'There will never be another Jackie Collins, she’s the sassiest fairy godmother of all’ MELANIE BLAKE There have been many imitators, but only ever one Jackie Collins. With millions of her books sold around the world, and thirty-one New York Times bestsellers, she is one of the world’s top-selling novelists. From glamorous Beverly Hills bedrooms to Hollywood movie studios; from glittering rock concerts to the yachts of billionaires, Jackie chronicled the scandalous lives of the rich, famous, and infamous from the inside looking out. 'A true inspiration, a trail blazer for women's fiction' JILLY COOPER ‘Jackie shows us all what being a strong, successful woman means at any age’ MILLY JOHNSON ‘Jackie will never be forgotten, she’ll always inspire me to #BeMoreJackie’ JILL MANSELL ‘Jackie’s heroines don’t take off their clothes to please a man, but to please themselves’ CLARE MACKINTOSH ‘Legend is a word used too lightly for so many undeserving people, but Jackie is the very definition of the word’ ALEX KHAN ‘What Jackie knew how to do so well, is to tell a thumping good story’ ROWAN COLEMAN ‘Here is a woman who not only wanted to entertain her readers, but also to teach them something; about the world and about themselves’ ISABELLE BROOM ‘There’s a lot a drag queen can learn from Jackie’ TOM RASMUSSEN ‘Lessons galore on every page… about feminism, equality, tolerance and love’ CARMEL HARRINGTON ‘Jackie is the queen of cliff-hangers’ SAMANTHA TONGE ‘Nobody does it quite like Jackie and nobody ever will’ SARRA MANNING ‘Jackie bought a bit of glitter, sparkle and sunshine into our humdrum existence’ VERONICA HENRY ‘Jackie wrote about Hollywood with total authenticity, breaking all the rules and taboos’ BARBARA TAYLOR BRADFORD ‘Collins was saying that women didn’t have to centre round men, either in books or in life’ JESSIE BURTON ‘What radiates from her novels, is a sense that women are capable of great things’ ALEXANDRA HEMINSLEY

Sudden Death Beautiful Life

Sudden Death Beautiful Life
Author: Jaime Alvarez
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Total Pages: 130
Release: 2016-11-02
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 1524646601

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to die and the effect it would have on your loved ones? Have you wondered what happens to your spirit when life leaves your body? Sudden Death, Beautiful Life is the true story of one mans death and visit to the after-life region. On June 27, 2015, at 7:15 a.m., Jaime Alvarez died physically but not spiritually. Immediately after dying a sudden death from cardiac arrest, his being was transported away from his dead corpse and into a realm that human words struggle to describe. In this new dimension, fear and anxiety did not exist. Time was no longer relevant, and there was no need for choice! From Jaimes vantage point, he could clearly see the life-and-death struggle to try to save his discarded physical body. I encourage you to read Sudden Death Beautiful Life and see why we do not have to fear dying.

Contemporary Issues in the Sociology of Death, Dying and Disposal

Contemporary Issues in the Sociology of Death, Dying and Disposal
Author: Peter C. Jupp
Publisher: Springer
Total Pages: 239
Release: 2016-07-27
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 1349243035

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This book utilises a dynamic analysis of mortality to acknowledge shifts of emphasis in cultural and religious traditions. A central concern is the diversity of representations of death to be found within the varying cultural, religious, medical and legal systems of contemporary western societies. Since the construction of death mores has social implications, a major element of the book is an examination of the way in which groups and individuals employ specific representations of mortality in order to generate meaning and purpose for life and death.

Pretty Deadly #10

Pretty Deadly #10
Author: Kelly Sue Deconnick
Publisher: Image Comics
Total Pages: 32
Release: 2016-06-22
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

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The second arc concludes with the death of Sarah.


Author: C. Amaranth
Publisher: Archway Publishing
Total Pages: 200
Release: 2022-12-07
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 1665723998

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A sunrise of pink purple splendor, A blanketed forest of snow. A loving embrace soft and tender, The crunch of our footfalls below. I surrender to sweet grey November, A dazzling crystalline glow. I have danced over frozen pond waters, And swam across cold winter skies. Preceded by Pleione’s daughters, And their angst for my glorious rise. I will forge my own fate and my fortune, Where the stars shine my name in their eyes. But our wonderland world of perfection, Erupts with the sound of a choir. Peaceful silence now met with objection, And seven strong voices inquire, “Self-reflection demands a correction, Will you repent or will you face the FIRE?” I’m in love with you, You’re in love with me. Stars align and they agree, This is our destiny. I will not live minimal or diminished, I’ll give my all and I’ll fall when I’m finished! My heart shall inspire and lift others higher, Our beauty will be sanctified! In meteor showers and fields of starflowers, My love and my life Stellified!

The Church

The Church
Total Pages:
Release: 1860

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Cyclopædia of American Literature

Cyclopædia of American Literature
Author: Evert Augustus Duyckinck
Total Pages: 1116
Release: 1875
Genre: American literature

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