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The Science of Living Longer

The Science of Living Longer
Author: Gini Graham Scott JD, Ph.D
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Total Pages: 226
Release: 2017-11-03
Genre: Health & Fitness

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This thought-provoking book looks at humanity's quest for immortality and examines the latest research on extending one's life and possibly living forever, presenting an overview of technological innovations such as cryonics, cell rejuvenation, organ transplants, using an exoskeleton, and brain transplants. With the seemingly limitless potential of 21st-century technology, the chance of human immortality being an actual possibility rather than a science fiction concept is tantalizingly close. And with this increased possibility of achieving immortality, a growing community of people interested in immortality has formed worldwide. Organizations dedicated to great extension of human life now exist, focusing on technologies that reverse the damage caused by aging, transfer human consciousness to an artificial body, or cryogenically freeze those who hope to be brought back to life when technology to revive the body without cellular damage is developed. The Science of Living Longer: Developments in Life Extension Technology provides a fascinating look at the current state of the scientific research on how people can live significantly longer—and possibly even forever. The book begins with an introductory section on the historical efforts to achieve immortality in Western and other cultures. Following chapters investigate different strands of research toward the common objective of achieving a longer life or even immortality. Other chapters address topics such as the health, wellness, and fitness movement designed to help individuals live longer; the biological methods—such as cell rejuvenation—designed to defeat aging; and the use of technology to provide an exoskeleton as body parts age or to download the brain into a computer or other body. Each chapter also suggests steps an individual can take to live longer, too.

This Book Could Save Your Life

This Book Could Save Your Life
Author: New Scientist
Publisher: Hachette UK
Total Pages: 293
Release: 2020-01-09
Genre: Science
ISBN: 1529311322

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We all want to be healthier, stronger and live longer, but what really works? From stress to saturated fats, HIIT to HRT, veganism to vitamins, This Book Could Save Your Life debunks the fads and explores the real science of better health. What's the best way to lose weight (and keep it off)? How can you ensure a good night's sleep? What are the real superfoods? How can you minimise the risks of getting diabetes, cancer or Alzheimer's? And how can you slow the ageing process? Cutting through confusing statistics and terrifying headlines, here is the truth about dieting, drugs, 10,000 steps a day, bacon, calorie-counting, coffee, dairy, sleep, fibre, hangovers, salt, sugar, cardio, sunscreen, statins, vitamins, and much more. Full of the latest research and ground-breaking evidence, packed with useful advice, this book really could save your life.

Time Secrets of Living Longer

Time Secrets of Living Longer
Author: Siobhan O'Connor
Publisher: Time Books
Total Pages: 96
Release: 2015
Genre: Aging
ISBN: 9781683306412

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The editors of TIME reveal the new data on how best to live, not just a longer, but also a happier life. Join TIME to find out what diet helps people live the longest, to learn if brain games can keep your mind young, and to discover the latest news from the frontiers of longevity.Learn how your outlook can change how you age - at the cellular level.Find out why married people really do live longer.Discover the truth about a modern antiaging elixir.

The Longevity Code

The Longevity Code
Author: Kris Verburgh
Publisher: The Experiment
Total Pages: 322
Release: 2018-01-23
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 1615194134

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A leading proponent of a bold new approach to slowing aging details the fast-developing science of longevity—and the steps we can take—at any age—to live well for longer We all know that we age—but do you know exactly how, and why? And do you wonder what you can do—whatever your age—to slow the process so you can live well, for longer? This book comprehensively answers these questions. Medical doctor and polymath scientist Kris Verburgh illuminates the biological mechanisms that make our bodies susceptible to heart attacks, strokes, dementia, diabetes, and other aging-related diseases. We learn about the crucial role of poorly functioning mitochondria, shortened telomeres, proteins and carbohydrates, and more. Having explained the aging process at work, Dr. Verburgh then provides the tools we need to slow it down: his scientifically backed Longevity Staircase. This simple yet innovative step-by-step method offers better health and a longer life span through nutrition—currently our best defense in the fight against aging and disease. And with each passing day, advances in biotechnology—once the stuff of science fiction—are emerging as part of the “longevity code.” Dr. Verburgh discusses how new types of vaccines, mitochondrial DNA, CRISPR proteins, and stem cells may help us slow and even reverse aging—now and in the future.

Extra Life

Extra Life
Author: Steven Johnson
Publisher: Penguin
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2021-05-11
Genre: Science
ISBN: 0525538879

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“Offers a useful reminder of the role of modern science in fundamentally transforming all of our lives.” —President Barack Obama (on Twitter) “An important book.” —Steven Pinker, The New York Times Book Review The surprising and important story of how humans gained what amounts to an extra life, from the bestselling author of How We Got to Now and Where Good Ideas Come From In 1920, at the end of the last major pandemic, global life expectancy was just over forty years. Today, in many parts of the world, human beings can expect to live more than eighty years. As a species we have doubled our life expectancy in just one century. There are few measures of human progress more astonishing than this increased longevity. Extra Life is Steven Johnson’s attempt to understand where that progress came from, telling the epic story of one of humanity’s greatest achievements. How many of those extra years came from vaccines, or the decrease in famines, or seatbelts? What are the forces that now keep us alive longer? Behind each breakthrough lies an inspiring story of cooperative innovation, of brilliant thinkers bolstered by strong systems of public support and collaborative networks, and of dedicated activists fighting for meaningful reform. But for all its focus on positive change, this book is also a reminder that meaningful gaps in life expectancy still exist, and that new threats loom on the horizon, as the COVID-19 pandemic has made clear. How do we avoid decreases in life expectancy as our public health systems face unprecedented challenges? What current technologies or interventions that could reduce the impact of future crises are we somehow ignoring? A study in how meaningful change happens in society, Extra Life celebrates the enduring power of common goals and public resources, and the heroes of public health and medicine too often ignored in popular accounts of our history. This is the sweeping story of a revolution with immense public and personal consequences: the doubling of the human life span.

Age Later

Age Later
Author: Nir Barzilai, M.D.
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2020-06-16
Genre: Health & Fitness
ISBN: 1250230861

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How do some people avoid the slowing down, deteriorating, and weakening that plagues many of their peers decades earlier? Are they just lucky? Or do they know something the rest of us don’t? Is it possible to grow older without getting sicker? What if you could look and feel fifty through your eighties and nineties? Founder of the Institute for Aging Research at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and one of the leading pioneers of longevity research, Dr. Nir Barzilai’s life’s work is tackling the challenges of aging to delay and prevent the onset of all age-related diseases including “the big four”: diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. One of Dr. Barzilai’s most fascinating studies features volunteers that include 750 SuperAgers—individuals who maintain active lives well into their nineties and even beyond—and, more importantly, who reached that ripe old age never having experienced cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, or cognitive decline. In Age Later, Dr. Barzilai reveals the secrets his team has unlocked about SuperAgers and the scientific discoveries that show we can mimic some of their natural resistance to the aging process. This eye-opening and inspirational book will help you think of aging not as a certainty, but as a phenomenon—like many other diseases and misfortunes—that can be targeted, improved, and even cured.

The Longevity Seekers

The Longevity Seekers
Author: Ted Anton
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2013-05
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 0226020932

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People have searched for the fountain of youth everywhere from Bimini to St. Augustine. But for a steadfast group of scientists, the secret to a long life lies elsewhere: in the lowly lab worm. By suppressing the function of just a few key genes, these scientists were able to lengthen worms’ lifespans up to tenfold, while also controlling the onset of many of the physical problems that beset old age. As the global population ages, the potential impact of this discovery on society is vast—as is the potential for profit. With The Longevity Seekers, science writer Ted Anton takes readers inside this tale that began with worms and branched out to snare innovative minds from California to Crete, investments from big biotech, and endorsements from TV personalities like Oprah and Dr. Oz. Some of the research was remarkable, such as the discovery of an enzyme in humans that stops cells from aging. And some, like an oft-cited study touting the compound resveratrol, found in red wine—proved highly controversial, igniting a science war over truth, credit, and potential profit. As the pace of discovery accelerated, so too did powerful personal rivalries and public fascination, driven by the hope that a longer, healthier life was right around the corner. Anton has spent years interviewing and working with the scientists at the frontier of longevity science, and this book offers a behind-the-scenes look at the state-of-the-art research and the impact it might have on global public health, society, and even our friends and family. With spectacular science and an unforgettable cast of characters, The Longevity Seekers has all the elements of a great story and sheds light on discoveriesthat could fundamentally reshape human life.

The Lure of Longevity

The Lure of Longevity
Author: Morris Herbert Goran
Publisher: R & E Pub
Total Pages: 160
Release: 1984-01-01
Genre: Medical
ISBN: 9780882477091

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Age Proof

Age Proof
Author: Professor Rose Anne Kenny
Publisher: Kings Road Publishing
Total Pages: 215
Release: 2022-01-20
Genre: Science
ISBN: 1788705076

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___ ***SHORTLISTED FOR THE ROYAL SOCIETY SCIENCE BOOK PRIZE 2022*** Did you know that we can lead longer and healthier lives by making simple changes right now? Professor Rose Anne Kenny has 35 years of experience at the forefront of ageing medicine. In Age Proof, she draws on her own pioneering research and the latest evidence to demystify why we age and shows us that 80% of our ageing biology is within our control: we can not only live longer lives but become happier and healthier deep into our later years. Effortlessly distilling scientific theory into practical advice that we can apply to our everyday lives, Professor Kenny examines the impact that food, genetics, friendships, purpose, sex, exercise and laughter have on how our cells age. This illuminating book will show you the steps you can take to stay younger for longer - and will prove that you really are just as young as you feel.

Forever Young

Forever Young
Author: Scientific American Editors
Publisher: Scientific American
Total Pages: 200
Release: 2013-03-25
Genre: Family & Relationships
ISBN: 1466833874

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Forever Young: The Science of Aging by the Editors of Scientific American Today, an infant born in the US will probably live to see his or her 78th birthday, a 20- year-plus increase over the average lifespan a century ago. While living well into the 80s and 90s is becoming more and more attainable, how many more years can humanity expect to gain? The two main barriers are accumulated damage to cells and organs that occurs over time and age-related illnesses like cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Researchers are divided over where to pour their efforts, and in this eBook, Forever Young: The Science of Aging we take a look at what science knows—and what it's striving to learn—about the aging process. Both genes and environment influence how long people live and how "well" they age, as discussed in Section 1, "A Matter of Time: The Aging Process." The eBook opens with "Why Can't We Live Forever," where author Thomas Kirkwood explains exactly why by way of his "disposable soma" theory. Other theories of how we age, including the role of telomeres, free radicals and caloric restriction, are discussed in subsequent sections. Recent studies have called into question long-held beliefs about the anti-aging benefits of antioxidants and reducing caloric intake. Though there are a number of age-related illnesses, few are so devastating as Alzheimer's disease, covered in its own section. While there's still no cure, a slew of clinical drug trials is underway. Finally, we examine the quest for longevity, featuring stories on both life-extension research and lifestyle choices. In particular, "Fit Body, Fit Mind?" looks at how to prevent age-related mental decline by staying physically fit and socially involved. So while there's no miracle pill on the horizon that will extend our lives to 150, we can certainly make the most of the years we do have.