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Solar Energy Fundamentals

Solar Energy Fundamentals
Author: Robert K. McMordie
Publisher: CRC Press
Total Pages: 145
Release: 2021-12-24
Genre: Science
ISBN: 1351415603

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A compilation of decades of knowledge spanning the author's career as a mechanical engineer specializing in heat transfer and thermodynamics in the solar and aerospace industries, this book is instantly practicable. Topics include definitions of energy terms, relationship of the sun and earth, sunlight on the earth, heat transfer, solar collectors, absorbed solar energy, solar domestic hot water systems, solar photovoltaic systems, solar space heating, solar power towers, Stirling engine solar power systems, passive solar energy, and greenhouse solar collector.

Star Wars: The Age of Resistance - The Official Collector's Edition

Star Wars: The Age of Resistance - The Official Collector's Edition
Author: Titan Comics
Publisher: Titan Comics
Total Pages: 146
Release: 2021-03-09
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: 1787737675

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Star Wars: The Age of Resistance: The Official Collector’s Edition is the ultimate journey through the story of the three box-office phenomenon films that concluded the Skywalker saga. Jump to lightspeed with backstories of heroes and villains, interviews featuring the cast and crew and stunning photography and magnificent concept art. The Force awakens in a young scavenger called Rey, who crosses the path of Kylo Ren, a mysterious practitioner of the dark side of the Force. Teaming up with a former stormtrooper, Finn, a Resistance pilot, Poe Dameron, an astromech droid, BB-8, and the rest of the Resistance, Rey begins an epic journey. As she joins the fight against the sinister First Order, she meets the lost Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, and faces the returning menace of Emperor Palpatine.

Collector's Guide

Collector's Guide
Total Pages: 284
Release: 1996

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The Collector’s Guide strives to be a trusted partner in the business of art by being the most knowledgeable, helpful and friendly resource to New Mexico’s artists, art galleries, museums and art service providers. Through a printed guidebook, the World Wide Web and weekly radio programs, we serve art collectors and others seeking information about the art and culture of New Mexico.

Solar Air Systems - Built Examples

Solar Air Systems - Built Examples
Author: Robert Hastings
Publisher: Routledge
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2014-05-01
Genre: Architecture
ISBN: 1134256507

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Thirty-five different buildings with successfully installed solar air systems are described and documented. The building types cover single family houses, apartment buildings, schools, sports halls, and industrial commercial buildings with six different configurations of solar air systems used. Each example building is described over several pages, with plans, performance details and illustrations provided. This is supplemented by a summary of the types of system used.

Electrons, Neutrons and Protons in Engineering

Electrons, Neutrons and Protons in Engineering
Author: J. R. Eaton
Publisher: Elsevier
Total Pages: 560
Release: 2013-10-22
Genre: Science
ISBN: 1483149404

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Electrons, Neutrons and Protons in Engineering focuses on the engineering significance of electrons, neutrons, and protons. The emphasis is on engineering materials and processes whose characteristics may be explained by considering the behavior of small particles when grouped into systems such as nuclei, atoms, gases, and crystals. This volume is comprised of 25 chapters and begins with an overview of the relation between science and engineering, followed by a discussion on the microscopic and macroscopic domains of matter. The next chapter presents the basic relations involving mechanics, electricity and magnetism, light, heat, and related subjects which are most significant in the study of modern physical science. Subsequent chapters explore the nucleus and structure of an atom; the concept of binding forces and binding energy; the configuration of the system of the electrons surrounding the atomic nucleus; physical and chemical properties of atoms; and the structure of gases and solids. The energy levels of groups of particles are also considered, along with the Schrödinger equation and electrical conduction through gases and solids. The remaining chapters are devoted to nuclear fission, nuclear reactors, and radiation. This book will appeal to physicists, engineers, and mathematicians as well as students and researchers in those fields.