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Tally's Corner

Tally's Corner
Author: Elliot Liebow
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Total Pages: 224
Release: 2003-07-08
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 0585479194

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The first edition of Tally's Corner, a sociological classic selling more than one million copies, was the first compelling response to the culture of poverty thesis—that the poor are different and, according to conservatives, morally inferior—and alternative explanations that many African Americans are caught in a tangle of pathology owing to the absence of black men in families. The debate has raged up to the present day. Yet Liebow's shadow theory of values—especially the values of poor, urban, black men—remains the single most parsimonious account of the reasons why the behavior of the poor appears to be at odds with the values of the American mainstream. While Elliot Liebow's vivid narrative of "street-corner" black men remains unchanged, the new introductions to this long-awaited revised edition bring the book up to date. Wilson and Lemert describe the debates since 1965 and situate Liebow's classic text in respect to current theories of urban poverty and race. They account for what Liebow might have seen had he studied the street corner today after welfare has been virtually ended and the drug economy had taken its toll. They also take stock of how the new global economy is a source of added strain on the urban poor. Discussion of field methods since the 1960s rounds out the book's new coverage.


Author: Patrick G. Eriksson
Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited
Total Pages: 511
Release: 2023-02-15
Genre: History
ISBN: 1398111635

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Have the squadron leaders over southern England in that long autumn of 1940, and their supporting flight commanders who led the squadrons into battle, had been neglected in the history books? Patrick Eriksson thinks so.

Tally Ho!

Tally Ho!
Author: R W Foster
Publisher: Casemate Publishers
Total Pages: 345
Release: 2009-03-23
Genre: History
ISBN: 1908117583

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A memoir of the life and World War II service of Battle of Britain veteran, RAF fighter pilot Bob Foster. Bob Foster's flying years began shortly before WWII, when he learned to fly with the RAFVR. Called up for war service in September 1939, he completed his training and was posted to 605 Squadron, equipped with Hawker Hurricanes. By early September 1940 he and his Squadron were in the thick of the air fighting over southern England, operating from Croydon. Surviving the Battle, he later became an instructor, but shortly after joining 54 Squadron, which had Spitfires, he and his unit were sent to Australia to defend the Darwin area from Japanese incursions. Awarded the DFC for his efforts, he returned to the UK and was given an assignment with a RAF public relations outfit, ending up in Normandy within three weeks of the invasion of 1944. Often serving right up in the front lines, Bob saw the war at very close hand, and then quite by chance became one of the first, if not the first, RAF officer to enter Paris with the liberating French army, and again, by chance, was in General de Gaulle's triumphant procession down the Champs-Élysées. His memoir is an entertaining collection of stories and reminiscences of two distinct areas of WWII, which also shows how luck often shaped the lives of the fighter pilots involved. Bob Foster later became a successful sales manager with Shell-Mex and BP, as well as serving with the Royal Auxiliary Air Force. He now lives with his wife Kaethe near Bexhill in East Sussex.

Journals of the House of Commons

Journals of the House of Commons
Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
Total Pages: 826
Release: 1803
Genre: Great Britain

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Gunman's Tally

Gunman's Tally
Author: L. Ron Hubbard
Publisher: Galaxy Press LLC
Total Pages: 105
Release: 2013-03-21
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1592125689

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Some men look to keep the peace. Others look to make trouble. But sometimes even the most law-abiding of men are compelled to cross the line.... Easy Bill Gates is just such a man—as quick with a smile and as slow to anger as Gary Cooper in High Noon. He’s a model of restraint...until he’s forced to strap on a holster and kill the outlaw who murdered his brother. But more than his honor is at stake. A ruthless land baron is out to grab Bill’s ranch and he’s hired a gang of gunslingers to get Bill out of the way. Between the rancher who wants to take his land, and the young guns who want to take his life, Easy Bill will have to make some hard choices—and fast draws—to avoid becoming just another notch in the Gunman’s Tally. Hailing from the western states of Nebraska, Oklahoma and Montana, Hubbard grew up surrounded by grizzled frontiersmen and leather-tough cowboys, counting a Native American medicine man as one of his closest friends. When he chose to write stories of the Old West, Hubbard didn’t have to go far to do his research, drawing on his own memories of a youth steeped in the life and legends of the American frontier. Also includes the Western adventure, Ruin at Rio Piedras, the story of a young cowboy kicked off a ranch for falling in love with the owner’s daughter...only to devise a whip-smart plan to win the day—and the girl. “Outstanding.” —Midwest Book Review

Comdex Tally 9 Course Kit (With Cd)

Comdex Tally 9 Course Kit (With Cd)
Author: Namrata Agrawal
Publisher: Dreamtech Press
Total Pages: 404
Release: 2007-11
ISBN: 9788177228106

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This book aims to upgrade the accounting skills of professionals through the latest computer software Tally 9. It begins with the basics of accounting so that even students and beginners find it useful. They can begin from the very basics of manual accounting and then easily go on to learn computerized accounting.


Author: Tally Education pvt. Ltd
Publisher: BPB Publications
Total Pages: 318
Release: 2018-06-02
Genre: Computers
ISBN: 9387284999


It provides step-by-step instructions for Installation Creating a Company Features & Configuration Ledgers & Groups Inventory Voucher Entry Stock Journal Credit/Debit Notes Purchase and Sales Registers Accounting Reports P/L Statements Trial Balance Cheque Printing Statement of A/c Deposit Slips Bank Reconciliation Salary Processing Generating Financial Reports Cost Centre Order Processing Data Backup & Restore Payroll TDS E-Filing Emailing Concepts & Implementation of GST, GST Reports, Input Tax Credit, GSTR-1/2/3B Return, Depreciation, E-Way Bill, File quarterly e-TDS/TCS, EEZ, sales from other territories to UT, COMPOSITION SCHEME, Practical Exercises and all NEW FEATURES OF 6.1/ 6.2/6.3/6.4 ......and Much More.

Supreme Court Advanced Decisions

Supreme Court Advanced Decisions
Publisher: Rex Bookstore, Inc.
Total Pages: 1034
ISBN: 9789712314889

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