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Patience, Love and Autism

Patience, Love and Autism
Author: Denise Crouch
Publisher: Denise Crouch
Total Pages: 187
Release: 2002
Genre: Psychology
ISBN: 0958047200

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A teacher assistant recounts the frustration and obstacles that both she and her students have to overcome in order to succeed in a main-stream high school.

Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind

Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind
Author: Candy Chand
Total Pages: 184
Release: 2003
Genre: Bible
ISBN: 9781610593670

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Love Is Patient

Love Is Patient
Author: Peter DeHaan
Publisher: Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc
Total Pages: 109
Release: 2021-08-26
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 1948082640

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Forty devotional truths that will inspire you to live a life transformed by God’s love. Love is Patient is a devotional Bible study based on First and Second Corinthians that will help you apply life-changing lessons from Paul’s letters. With clear teaching, comforting truths, and daily encouragement, you’ll uncover how Paul’s instructions to the Corinthian church two thousand years ago apply to you today. Love is Patient will help you discover how to: • develop a Christlike mindset • encourage others on their faith journey • handle conflict and disappointment in healthy ways • understand your spiritual gifts • prioritize God in your life and embrace freedom in Christ Each devotional encourages you to grow in your faith and unpack Biblical lessons that are just as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. With practical tips and Godly wisdom, you’ll learn how to deal with differences and work through divisions with grace and love. Love is Patient makes an ideal eight-week discussion guide, perfect for small groups and Sunday School classes. This is the seventh book in the Dear Theophilus Series, a collection of devotional classics from Peter DeHaan. As you read through this devotional gem, you’ll be blessed by your heavenly Father’s love, and learn how to encourage others as you point people to Jesus. Start each day with Love is Patient or share it with a friend who needs some fresh encouragement.

Good Doctors Bad Doctors: Communication Mastery PLUS “What Patients Love or Hate about their Doctors”

Good Doctors Bad Doctors: Communication Mastery PLUS “What Patients Love or Hate about their Doctors”
Author: Imad Hassan
Publisher: Imad Hassan
Total Pages: 128
Genre: Medical

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Mastering the "ART of Communication" is the theme and aim of this invaluable eBook! A must for becoming a loved clinician by your patients and enjoying a highly successful and fulfilling career in clinical Medicine. This eBook serves as a simple guide to essential Communication Styles for the most frequent patient-contact scenarios and clinical encounters. It is meant to be a “quick reference” guide. Reading through it should be quick and easy! Interested users may broaden their knowledge and understanding by exploring the literature on each specific topic. It will be most valuable to those front line clinicians in-training during their everyday routines whether in the medical wards, outpatient clinics, emergency rooms, etc. It will also be very useful for undergraduates, those sitting their clinical examinations e.g. OSCE, Long Case Presentations, etc. as well as faculty trainers and examiners. However, all healthcare professionals e.g. Pharmacists, Nurses, Social workers, etc. will also find it very beneficial.

The Roses of Love Bloom in My Christianity and Neurosurgery Patients

The Roses of Love Bloom in My Christianity and Neurosurgery Patients
Author: Ramsis F. Ghaly MD
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages: 688
Release: 2022-04-26
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 1664136746

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This is my 16th book in a series of books under the heading of “Christianity and the Human Brain”. It is about my continuing love to our lord Savior Jesus Christ and for my special passion for Neurosurgery. I am grateful I am able to fully commit to Neuroscience and my Neurosurgery patients. It is the collection of roses of love on our journey that transforms where we are in the planet earth into a heavenly garden. Two decades ago. I felt compelled to begin sharing the synopsis of my journey as a committed Christian Neurosurgeon and Anesthesiologist, actively practicing patients’ care in America close to four decades. Indeed, as many have experienced, our journey is full of stories that put demand on us for the coming new generations, to write about as our deep faith in Christianity opens our own eyes to see, our ears to hear, our minds to reflect and our hands to write. My greatest honor is to take the reader through more of my roses of love journey in my life, in Medicine with Neurosurgery patients, Residents and Trainee, in Christmas, through my Deep Spiritual Reflections, personal views and healthcare matters with living examples. The book contains eleven sections distributed in 89 chapters covering topics including love and Roses, Thanksgiving, Deep reflections, Way to Soon, My Christmas, Christmas with My Patients, Special Christmas, Human Trafficking, Christian Persecution, Synopsis in My Medical Journey, Healthcare, Patients’ Testimonial, stories and Patients’ quotes. The present book compliments my previous 15 books. My prayer is to be a positive influence to you and yours, in our Lord Jesus Christ Name. For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, for ever and ever Amen.

Jesus Did It for You

Jesus Did It for You
Author: Greg Texada
Publisher: WestBow Press
Total Pages: 126
Release: 2012-10-04
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 1449756670

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Everything Jesus did and accomplished through His death, burial, and resurrection was done for you. Many live and die never grasping the significance or experiencing the full blessing and benefits of what Jesus did for them when He died on the cross and was raised from the dead. In Jesus Did It For You, Greg Texada clearly identifies what Jesus did for you personally. Jesus was made sin so you could have right standing with God. Jesus was made a curse so the blessing of Abraham would be yours. Jesus became poor so you could be free from poverty and live the abundant life. Jesus was beaten so you could be healed, healthy, and strong. Jesus carried your sorrows so you could have fullness of joy and peace. Jesus died for you so you could have eternal, everlasting, abundant life. These and many other blessings and benefits are freely given to you by the Lord and available for you to receive and enjoy now. Learn how to receive and enjoy the inheritance of blessings that have been freely given to you by the Lord.

A Modern Agrippa ; Patience Barker

A Modern Agrippa ; Patience Barker
Author: Caroline Earle White
Total Pages: 300
Release: 1893
Genre: American fiction

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