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The Ghost Orchid Ghost

The Ghost Orchid Ghost
Author: Doug Alderson
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Total Pages: 206
Release: 2013-03-01
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1561646369

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Florida's famous swamps—from the Everglades to Mosquito Lagoon to Tate's Hell—serve as fitting backdrops for these chilling original stories. Maybe it's because they are often wet, shadowy places of wild beauty where few people dare to penetrate. They are havens for snakes, alligators, black bears, wildcats, and who knows what. People on the run have often hidden in swamps, while others have gotten lost in the watery expanses; the swamp can be a refuge or a nightmare. Mysterious things just happen in swamps. Maybe it's because they are often wet, shadowy places of wild beauty where few people dare to penetrate. They are havens for snakes, alligators, black bears, wildcats, and who knows what. People on the run have often hidden in swamps, while others have gotten lost in the watery expanses; the swamp can be a refuge or a nightmare. Where else can you find a ghost baby, or an angry specter, or a lost soul? How about a ghost who is obsessed with the ghost orchid, or an alluring snake woman? Throw in a skunk ape or two and you've got the ingredients for many entertaining hours sharing these stories around a campfire or reading them to yourself or out loud. From the Author's Notes at the end of each story, you can learn a thing or two about Florida's swamps, creatures, and history, along with storytelling tips. Florida is rich in history, natural beauty, and ecological and cultural diversity. To protect what is special about our state it is important to educate the people who live here and our visitors. In this unique book you'll find tales of mystery and intrigue interwoven with important facts and lessons of natural history. Who but a naturalist can really scare you about what lurks in the swamp? Doug Alderson has been there and knows. In writing tales for this book, Doug Alderson drew upon many years of entertaining young people as a summer camp counselor and storyteller, and also from decades as a swamp explorer. He is a former associate editor of Florida Wildlife magazine. To learn more about his writing and photography, check out his website at

Orchid Summer

Orchid Summer
Author: Jon Dunn
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 385
Release: 2018-03-08
Genre: Nature
ISBN: 1408880903

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A heady celebration of the beauty and history of the wild orchid species of the British Isles, embraced in one glorious and kaleidoscopic summer-long hunt by naturalist Jon Dunn From the chalk downs of the south coast of England to the heathery moorland of the Shetland Isles, and from the holy island of Lindisfarne in the east to the Atlantic frontier of western Ireland, Orchid Summer is a journey into Britain and Ireland's most beautiful corners. The flowers that are the focus of this treasure hunt are exquisite and diverse. Some resemble insects and develop scents that mimic the smell of a virgin female wasp in order to lure male wasps to sample their unsatisfying charms. Some tower above the surrounding vegetation; others are vanishingly small and discrete. Some are sweetly scented; others smell of ripe billy goats. Some can be readily found but some will prove more elusive – none more so than the last to flower, the rarest of them all, the ghost orchid... Capturing the intoxicating beauty of these rare and charismatic flowers, Orchid Summer is also an exploration of their history, their champions, their place in our landscape and the threats they face. Combining infectious enthusiasm and a painterly eye with a deep knowledge that comes from a lifetime's passionate devotion to their study, Dunn sweeps us up on his adventure, one from which it is impossible not to emerge enchanted and enriched.

Growing Orchids Like A Pro

Growing Orchids Like A Pro
Author: Joan E. Hixson
Publisher: Living Plus Healthy Publishing
Total Pages: 105
Release: 2015-04-15
Genre: Gardening

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Would You Like To Know How To Grow The Most Amazing Orchids? I received my very first orchid for my birthday one year and cherished the elegant plant for the two months that it bloomed. Then, when the petals fell off, I was heartbroken and thought that I had killed it with overindulgence or something. After consulting an expert at my local exotic plant store, I realized that with the proper care, my orchid would bloom again and again. Five years later, I have a nice manageable team of orchids that continue to thrive under my careful eyes. Not only do these flowers brighten my rooms with their striking hues, they also allow me to enjoy one of the majestic oddities of nature right in my very own home. Whenever I have visitors, I receive compliments and admiration about my orchids. They act as the highlights in every room they are placed, and as the center of a beautiful array of plants in the middle of my dining room table. You, too, can delight in this wonderful flower. Orchids in the home, workplace, or outdoor spaces will enliven any area and make it more sophisticated and memorable. Despite some myths, orchids are not all that hard to care for. They are just unique and as such, need to be treated with special consideration. Yes you could have beautiful orchids. It truly is possible, but you just need to know how. In "Growing Orchids Like A Pro," I shared with you all my experiences and everything I've learned over the years about growing & caring for orchids. I will show you how you too can have beautiful blooming orchids year after year. Here are some of the things you will learn in "Growing Orchids Like A Pro": - How to pick out the right kind of orchid for you... - How to give your orchids the right amount of light to help them thrive... - 3 little known, yet simple ways to water your orchids... - Secrets from orchid experts that few people ever know about... - 3 proven steps to using fertilizer to maximize the growth of your orchids... - 2 simple keys (that are right in front of your eyes) to growing your orchids in the right amount of humidity... - How to protect your orchids from insects & pests... - WARNING: 3 things you should never do when it comes to growing orchids... - 6 time tested and proven strategies for re-potting your orchid plant... - 7 everyday but often overlooked tips and tricks for protecting your orchids from pests and disease... - How often to give your orchid direct sunlight... - How to avoid common mistakes in orchid care... - Frequently Asked Questions about growing orchids... - Fun facts about orchids... - And much more...

The Orchid Hunter

The Orchid Hunter
Author: Leif Bersweden
Publisher: Hachette UK
Total Pages: 276
Release: 2018-04-12
Genre: Nature
ISBN: 1780723350

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He has just a few months to complete his quest – no one has ever done it before within one growing season – and it will require ingenuity, stamina and a large dose of luck.As he battles the vagaries of the British climate, feverishly chasing each emerging bloom, Leif Bersweden takes the reader on a remarkable botanical journey.This study of the 52 native species is a fantastic gateway into the compendious world of orchids – one that will open your eyes to the rare hidden delights to be found on our doorstep.Like Two Owls at Eton and My Family and Other Animals, The Orchid Hunter is a charming account of a precocious adolescent’s obsession with the natural world.Leif’s enthusiasm for his quest is infectious, as is the quiet conviction with which he keeps at it, showing how plant hunting can be the ultimate mindful activity.

The Orchid Thief

The Orchid Thief
Author: Susan Orlean
Publisher: Random House
Total Pages: 370
Release: 2009-07-15
Genre: Gardening
ISBN: 1409078469

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Susan Orlean first met John Laroche when visiting Florida to write for the New Yorker about his arrest for stealing rare ghost orchids from a nature reserve. Fascinated both by Laroche and the world she uncovered of orchid collectors and growers, she stayed on, to write this magical exploration of obsession and the strange world both of the orchid obsessives and of Florida, that haunting and weird 'debatable land' of swamps and condos, retirement communities and real-estate scams. The world of the orchid hunters, breeders and showmen, their rivalries, vendettas and crimes, smuggling, thefts and worse provide the backdrop to a fascinating exploration of one of the byways of human nature, the obsessive world of the collector, and the haunting beauty of the flowers themselves.

The Book of Orchids

The Book of Orchids
Author: Mark W. Chase
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Total Pages: 657
Release: 2017-03-13
Genre: Gardening
ISBN: 022622452X

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One of every seven flowering plants on earth is an orchid. Some are stunningly over the top; others almost inconspicuous. The Orchidaceae is the second most widely geographically distributed family, after the grasses, yet remains one of the least understood. This book will profile 600 species, representing the remarkable and unexpected diversity and complexity in the taxonomy and phylogeny of these beguiling plants, and the extraordinary means they have evolved in order to ensure the attraction of pollinators. Each species entry includes life-size photographs to capture botanical detail, as well as information on distribution, peak flowering period, and unique attributes--both natural and cultural. The result is a work which will attract and allure, much as the orchids themselves do.

Pocket Guide to the Orchids of Britain and Ireland

Pocket Guide to the Orchids of Britain and Ireland
Author: Simon Harrap
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2016-06-09
Genre: Gardening
ISBN: 147292486X

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The orchid family is one of the largest plant families in the world, reaching its highest diversity in the tropics where their exotic and colourful flowers are often truly breathtaking. Britain and Ireland have just 52 species of wild orchid, some of which are rare or scarce, whilst others are surprisingly inconspicuous. Yet, whether large or small, all orchids share flamboyant flower structures and incredible beauty. This pocket guide allows the identification of all species of orchid in the British Isles. It has concise text highlighting ID criteria as well as notes on biology, habitat and conservation, along with stunning colour photographs and accurate range maps based on maps compiled by the Biological Record Centre. This book provides the perfect guide to these beautiful and evocative plants, and is a must for any field naturalist.

Challenges and Opportunities in Orchid Ecology and Conservation

Challenges and Opportunities in Orchid Ecology and Conservation
Author: Pavel Kindlmann
Publisher: Frontiers Media SA
Total Pages: 162
Release: 2023-08-02
Genre: Science
ISBN: 2832528538

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Understanding diversity patterns and the effect of global change on abundance, distribution patterns and species survival are of the most discussed topics in biodiversity research. Species are disappearing worldwide, mostly due to habitat loss, but other factors like climate change are likely to increase in importance during the 21st century. Thus, one of the most worrying issues is that we still do not know the optimal abiotic and biotic requirements for population persistence of many of the still existing species, which makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to make appropriate recommendations for their conservation in terms of proposing an effective management of their sites. Analysis of these requirements is, however, strongly dependent on the taxonomic group considered and on life history strategies of the species that comprise the group. In this Research Topic, we concentrate on this issue applied to orchids, one of the most abundant groups of flowering plants with approximately 30,000 species. They are classified among the most threatened groups worldwide. Of the approximately 1000 species that have been evaluated, almost 60% are threatened, endangered or extinct. For a few orchid species, detailed records from monitoring efforts provide opportunities for comparative analyses of species declines through time. However, for most orchid species we still lack population data and there have been few studies that have focused on the environmental factors and species traits associated with the decline of orchid sites and species numbers.

Orchids of Britain and Ireland

Orchids of Britain and Ireland
Author: Anne Harrap
Publisher: A&C Black
Total Pages: 481
Release: 2010-06-30
Genre: Gardening
ISBN: 1408133237

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Orchids have long held a fascination, both for keen botanists and the general public. From the mania of Victorian collectors to the enthusiasm of modern photographers, this family of flowering plants has a strange and exotic appeal. Many orchids are beautiful, and some are rare. This well illustrated orchid guide covers the identification, biology and conservation of British and Irish orchids. Until recently, the whereabouts of the rarer species was shrouded in secrecy, making publication of any details ethically impossible. In the last few years, however, these veils have been lifted and it is now possible to publish locations for all but one or two species. For the first time, this book includes a detailed site guide, covering the best places to see orchids in Britain. "A model field guide: good, large photographs that are actually rather gorgeous; a clear text that tells you how to identify the plant using the English language rather than "botanicalese"; useful diagrams of those spectacular flower parts; and a really comprehensive section on geographical range and subspecies." The Daily Telegraph

Lonely Planet Florida

Lonely Planet Florida
Author: Lonely Planet
Publisher: Lonely Planet
Total Pages:
Release: 2018-01-01
Genre: Travel
ISBN: 1787011941

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Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet Florida is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Kayak the Everglades, snorkel the coral reefs of Biscayne National park, and experience Miami's mix of cultures from across the Americas; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Florida and begin your journey now! Inside Lonely Planet Florida: Color maps and images throughout Highlights and itineraries help you tailor your trip to your personal needs and interests Insider tips to save time and money and get around like a local, avoiding crowds and trouble spots Essential info at your fingertips - hours of operation, phone numbers, websites, transit tips, prices Honest reviews for all budgets - eating, sleeping, sight-seeing, going out, shopping, hidden gems that most guidebooks miss Cultural insights give you a richer, more rewarding travel experience - cuisine, people, culture, history, literature, cinema, television, music, architecture, landscapes, wildlife. Free, convenient pull-out Miami map (included in print version), plus over 20 color maps Covers Miami, the Keys, the Everglades, Orlando, the Atlantic Coast, the Tampa Bay Area, the Panhandle and more eBook Features: (Best viewed on tablet devices and smartphones) Downloadable PDF and offline maps prevent roaming and data charges Effortlessly navigate and jump between maps and reviews Add notes to personalise your guidebook experience Seamlessly flip between pages Bookmarks and speedy search capabilities get you to key pages in a flash Embedded links to recommendations' websites Zoom-in maps and images Inbuilt dictionary for quick referencing The Perfect Choice: Lonely Planet Florida, our most comprehensive guide to Florida, is perfect for both exploring top sights and taking roads less traveled. Looking for Floridian road trip ideas? Check out Lonely Planet Florida & the South's Best Trips. About Lonely Planet: Lonely Planet is a leading travel media company and the world's number one travel guidebook brand, providing both inspiring and trustworthy information for every kind of traveller since 1973. Over the past four decades, we've printed over 145 million guidebooks and phrasebooks for 120 languages, and grown a dedicated, passionate global community of travellers. You'll also find our content online, and in mobile apps, video, 14 languages, 12 international magazines, armchair and lifestyle books, ebooks, and more, enabling you to explore every day. Lonely Planet enables the curious to experience the world fully and to truly get to the heart of the places they find themselves, near or far from home. TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Awards 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 winner in Favorite Travel Guide category 'Lonely Planet guides are, quite simply, like no other.' - New York Times 'Lonely Planet. It's on everyone's bookshelves; it's in every traveller's hands. It's on mobile phones. It's on the Internet. It's everywhere, and it's telling entire generations of people how to travel the world.' - Fairfax Media (Australia)