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Author: Catherine Hernandez
Publisher: Atria Books
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2020-12-08
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1982146028

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The author of the acclaimed novel Scarborough weaves an unforgettable and timely dystopian tale about a near-future, where a queer Black performer and his allies join forces to rise up when an oppressive regime gathers those deemed “Other” into concentration camps. Set in a terrifyingly familiar near-future, with massive floods leading to rampant homelessness and devastation, a government-sanctioned regime called The Boots seizes on the opportunity to round up communities of color, the disabled, and the LGBTQ+ into labor camps. In the shadows, a new hero emerges. After he loses his livelihood as a drag queen and the love of his life, Kay joins the resistance alongside Bahadur, a transmasculine refugee, and Firuzeh, a headstrong social worker. Guiding them in the use of weapons and close-quarters combat is Beck, a rogue army officer, who helps them plan an uprising at a major televised international event. With her signature “raw yet beautiful, disturbing yet hopeful” (Booklist) prose, Catherine Hernandez creates a vision of the future that is all the more frightening because it is very possible. A cautionary tale filled with fierce and vibrant characters, Crosshairs explores the universal desire to thrive, love, and be loved for being your true self.

Living in the Crosshairs

Living in the Crosshairs
Author: David S. Cohen
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 337
Release: 2016
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 0190623373

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A chilling exposé of the threats, harassment, and worse that American abortion providers face on a daily basis--and groundbreaking remedies to stop it.

Crosshairs (Natchez Trace Park Rangers Book #3)

Crosshairs (Natchez Trace Park Rangers Book #3)
Author: Patricia Bradley
Publisher: Revell
Total Pages: 384
Release: 2021-11-02
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1493431765

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Investigative Services Branch (ISB) ranger Ainsley Beaumont arrives in her hometown of Natchez, Mississippi, to investigate the murder of a three-month-pregnant teenager. While she wishes the visit was under better circumstances, she never imagined that she would become the killer's next target--nor that she'd have to work alongside an old flame. After he almost killed a child, former FBI sniper Lincoln Steele couldn't bring himself to fire a gun, which had deadly and unforeseen consequences for his best friend. Crushed beneath a load of guilt, Linc is working at Melrose Estate as an interpretive ranger. But as danger closes in on Ainsley during her murder investigation, Linc will have to find the courage to protect her. The only question is, will it be too little, too late? Award-winning author Patricia Bradley continues her Natchez Trace Park Rangers series with a story about how good must prevail when evil just won't quit.

Inside the Crosshairs

Inside the Crosshairs
Author: Col. Michael Lee Lanning
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Total Pages: 297
Release: 2013-06-19
Genre: History
ISBN: 0307833127

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"The American sniper could be regarded as the greatest all-around rifleman the world has ever known. . . ." At the start of the war in Vietnam, the United States had no snipers; by the end of the war, Marine and army precision marksmen had killed more than 10,000 NVA and VC soldiers--the equivalent of an entire division--at the cost of under 20,000 bullets, proving that long-range shooters still had a place in the battlefield. Now noted military historian Michael Lee Lanning shows how U.S. snipers in Vietnam--combining modern technology in weapons, ammunition, and telescopes--used the experience and traditions of centuries of expert shooters to perfect their craft. To provide insight into the use of American snipers in Vietnam, Lanning interviewed men with combat trigger time, as well as their instructors, the founders of the Marine and U.S. Army sniper programs, and the generals to whom they reported. Backed by hard information and firsthand accounts, the author demonstrates how the skills these one-shot killers honed in the jungles of Vietnam provided an indelible legacy that helped save American lives in Grenada, the Gulf War, and Somalia and continues to this day with American troops in Bosnia.

College in the Crosshairs

College in the Crosshairs
Author: Brian O. Hemphill
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Total Pages: 246
Release: 2023-07-03
Genre: Education
ISBN: 1000979261

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Gun violence – whether rampage shootings, homicides or suicides – is a potential reality all campuses have to face. This book provides leaders in higher education – and particularly those in student affairs – with data about past incidents, an analysis of trends, and background on the national debate about gun policies and how they impact colleges, state by state. It importantly raises issues about student psychological development, mental health, and the prevalence of alcohol and substance abuse on campus, to better inform discussion about allowing guns on campus and concealed carry. It concludes by sharing strategies for averting gun-related tragedies, and offering models for responding when they occur, based on lessons learned and best practices. The book addresses concealed carry legislation and its impact on campus policies by state, examining the concerns of administrators as they discharge their duty of care to students and comply with legal and regulatory frameworks. Asking “Are our students developmentally ready to make a morally sophisticated, life-changing decision to use firearms in response to a real or perceived threat?”, it offers important perspectives and scientific data, so far absent from the debate, to shape the ongoing conversation with lawmakers and the public about what it takes to keep college communities safe.In addressing risk and prevention, contributors cover the relationship between violence and mental health, and the need to establish comprehensive strategic plans and a preventative framework that promotes help-seeking for those in need before they reach the point of crisis, as well as a campus-wide risk assessment team, stressing the importance of cultivating a community-wide approach to campus safety by empowering members to report suspicious behavior. They also offer guidance on improving effective behavior intervention and case management processes.The book concludes by outlining best practices, and providing guidance on developing an emergency plan, practicing and testing systems, and creating a robust communications strategy. Individual chapters focus on how small colleges with limited resources can develop effective plans into by partnering with local agencies; as well as on the steps that community colleges – who generally lack resident advisors and residential staff, and whose students are far more dispersed – can take to diminish risk and respond promptly and professionally to a crisis.This is an essential guide for all higher education leaders concerned about preventing violence on our campuses, and a call to action.

Hitler in the Crosshairs

Hitler in the Crosshairs
Author: John D. Woodbridge
Publisher: Zondervan
Total Pages: 260
Release: 2011
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 0310325870

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Based on true events, this volume chronicles the actions of a courageous young soldier fighting in World War II, the attempted capture of Adolph Hitler, and the subsequent saga of the dictator's pistol.

In the Crosshairs

In the Crosshairs
Author: Sgt. Jack Coughlin
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2017-08-01
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 125010355X

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The Central Intelligence Agency is under attack, and so is its top field operative, Kyle Swanson. The highly decorated former Marine Corps gunnery sergeant is attending the funeral of a friend when a terrorist blows up the grave. A week later, he narrowly survives a grenade attack in Berlin. In Washington, Congress is being told that Swanson has been turned, his private employer is corrupt, and the Agency itself cannot be trusted. Swanson is assigned to find the root of the problem and is partnered up with Luke Gibson, a skilled operative rated as being almost as good as Swanson. They are looking for assassin Nicky Marks, who also was a CIA shooter but now works for a shadowy power broker known as The Prince. But before Kyle and Luke can eliminate the threat, they must identify and find the man who wants them dead. That takes them from the pink poppy fields of Afghanistan to the jungles of Southeast Asia and the streets of America as they learn that the Prince is the ruthless kingpin of a global drug empire that uses CIA planes to transport opium and heroin. Swanson also lines up a secret partner, the beautiful widow of his friend whose grave was desecrated in Mexico, the sharpshooting former commando Beth Ledford, who has her own agenda of pure retribution. Kyle Swanson, at the worst possible moment in a combat showdown, must decide: Do you trust your partner, and if so, which one?

Crosshairs on the Kill Zone

Crosshairs on the Kill Zone
Author: Charles W. Sasser
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 384
Release: 2004-07-01
Genre: History
ISBN: 1416503625

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From the jungles of Vietnam to the unforgiving deserts of Afghanistan and Iraq, one breed of soldier has achieved legendary status in the arena of combat—the sniper. From the authors of the classic sniper chronicle One Shot-One Kill comes a new generation of true tales from some of the most expert and deadly marksmen in the world. Meet Adelbert Waldron II, whose 109 confirmed kills in Vietnam made him the most successful sniper in American military history, and Tom "Moose" Ferran, who coined the term "Fetch!", whereupon the infantry would retrieve the sniper's dead quarry. Also included are stories from snipers in Beirut, the Bosnian conflict, and both wars with Iraq—including the feat of Sergeants Joshua Hamblin and Owen Mulder, who took down thirty-two enemy soldiers in a single day outside Baghdad in 2003. The military sniper has evolved into one of the most dangerous and highly-skilled warrior professions. They suffer through weather, terrain, and enemy action, lay unmoving for days on end, and take out their targets with unerring accuracy—proving that the deadliest weapon in any battle, anywhere in the world, is a single well-aimed shot.

Through the Crosshairs

Through the Crosshairs
Author: Roger Stahl
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Total Pages: 225
Release: 2018-06-21
Genre: Art
ISBN: 0813585287

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Now that it has become so commonplace, we rarely blink an eye at camera footage framed by the crosshairs of a sniper’s gun or from the perspective of a descending smart bomb. But how did this weaponized gaze become the norm for depicting war, and how has it influenced public perceptions? Through the Crosshairs traces the genealogy of this weapon’s-eye view across a wide range of genres, including news reports, military public relations images, action movies, video games, and social media posts. As he tracks how gun-camera footage has spilled from the battlefield onto the screens of everyday civilian life, Roger Stahl exposes how this raw video is carefully curated and edited to promote identification with military weaponry, rather than with the targeted victims. He reveals how the weaponized gaze is not only a powerful propagandistic frame, but also a prime site of struggle over the representation of state violence.


Author: Dina von Zweck
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing
Total Pages: 297
Release: 2016-09-13
Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 1772170429

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Dina von Zweck (1933-2012) was a prolific award-winning writer and painter who left a large trove of poetry. Lyrical, graceful, and eminently beguiling, their often dazzlingly concise, cryptic stanzas open larger realms and vistas. Each poem is a portal—like a window with Venetian blinds suddenly opening and revealing startling sights, then closing again. Dina’s immediately engaging poetry also serves as a portal for the rest of her voluminous literary legacy—five novels, several novella, twenty-three stage plays, numerous screen scripts, libretti, operas, and essays. Poets always have something unexpected up their sleeves, being able to perceive and materialize what otherwise eludes our imaginations, to make unlikely and confounding connections. Silly Putty non sequiturs and fractured metaphors juxtaposed with an illumined madcap juggle of tropes create whimsical fissions of logic that can suddenly make more sense than sense.