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The Woman in the Mirror

The Woman in the Mirror
Author: Dominique Coutant-Defer
Total Pages: 26
Release: 2023-04-07
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 2808686749

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What should we remember about The Woman in the Mirror, the novel that has enthralled readers? Find everything you need to know about this work in a complete and detailed analysis. In particular, you will find in this sheet: - A complete summary - A presentation of the main characters such as Anne, Hanna and Anny - An analysis of the specificities of the work: "A specific narrative scheme", "A portrait of women with three facets", "The theme of the mirror" and "Three places, three times and the same straitjacket" A reference analysis to quickly understand the meaning of the work.

The Woman in the Mirror

The Woman in the Mirror
Author: Cynthia M. Bulik, Ph.D.
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2012-01-01
Genre: Self-Help
ISBN: 0802778747

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Many women-regardless of income, size, shape, ethnicity, and age-are uncomfortable in their own skin. We fixate on our body image and try endless diets, implants, hair extensions, and new shoes, but it's never enough. The problem is that girls and women have been socialized to mistakenly conflate body esteem and self-esteem. Body esteem refers to how you think and feel about your physical appearance: your size, shape, hair, and features. Self-esteem refers to how you think and feel about your personality, your role in relationships, your accomplishments, and your values-everything that contributes to who you are as a person. The Woman in the Mirror goes beyond typical self-esteem books to dig deep into the origins of women's problems with body image. Psychologist Cynthia Bulik guides readers in the challenging task of disentangling self-esteem from body esteem, and taking charge of the insidious negative self-talk that started as early as when you first realized you didn't really look like a fairy princess. By reprogramming how we feel about ourselves and our bodies, we can practice healthy eating and sensible exercise, and focus on the many things we have to offer our family, community, and job. Bulik provides us the tools to reclaim our self-confidence and to respect and love who we are. Praise for Crave: "More than 7 million Americans struggle with binge eating disorder (BED) . . . Crave: Why You Binge Eat and How to Stop helps shed light on the problem."-O, the Oprah Magazine

The Essential Guide to Possession, Depossession, and Divine Relationships

The Essential Guide to Possession, Depossession, and Divine Relationships
Author: Diana L. Paxson
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Total Pages: 290
Release: 2015-03-01
Genre: Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN: 1609259211

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Bestselling author of several fantasy novels, including Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Ancestors of Avalon, Diana L. Paxson now turns her attention to Trance Possession. Specifically, how to safely and effectively enter and to exit possessory trance. In possessory trance, one voluntarily offers one’s body as a vehicle for spirit work. This differs from other forms of trance in that one’s “normal” personality is replaced by a personality that is identified by oneself and one’s community as a spirit or a god. Here Paxson explores all aspects of trance possession, including: how to prepare for possessory trance how to enter and exit trance possession safely—and what to do if things get too heavy connecting with Saints and Spirits, including those found in Afro-Diasporic religions A practical book of particular interest to witches and pagans, each chapter includes two to five exercises that will assist you in your personal experiences with possession.

Japanese Horror Films and their American Remakes

Japanese Horror Films and their American Remakes
Author: Valerie Wee
Publisher: Routledge
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2013-10-23
Genre: Art
ISBN: 1134109695

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The Ring (2002)—Hollywood’s remake of the Japanese cult success Ringu (1998)—marked the beginning of a significant trend in the late 1990s and early 2000s of American adaptations of Asian horror films. This book explores this complex process of adaptation, paying particular attention to the various transformations that occur when texts cross cultural boundaries. Through close readings of a range of Japanese horror films and their Hollywood remakes, this study addresses the social, cultural, aesthetic and generic features of each national cinema’s approach to and representation of horror, within the subgenre of the ghost story, tracing convergences and divergences in the films’ narrative trajectories, aesthetic style, thematic focus and ideological content. In comparing contemporary Japanese horror films with their American adaptations, this book advances existing studies of both the Japanese and American cinematic traditions, by: illustrating the ways in which each tradition responds to developments in its social, cultural and ideological milieu; and, examining Japanese horror films and their American remakes through a lens that highlights cross-cultural exchange and bilateral influence. The book will be of interest to scholars of film, media, and cultural studies.

Grandma Joy's Hope for Hurting Women

Grandma Joy's Hope for Hurting Women
Author: Grandma Joy
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
Total Pages: 465
Release: 2006
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 0768423511

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This book is filled with real-life personal stories, testimonies, prayers, scriptures, and answers to help women find wisdom, strength and salvation. Each thought-provoking story is concluded with a light-hearted story providing readers with lots of laughter.


Author: Barry Arbiloff
Publisher: iUniverse
Total Pages: 234
Release: 2012-09-26
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1475949782

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The memory of my wife faded. The past ceased to exist. Women came and went through the revolving door of the blogosphere. I met many women online, including a precocious tart by the name of Sandra. That was a mistake I shall probably live to regret, of course, but I couldn’t help myself. God forgive me, she was the best of the lot: exquisite, mature beyond her tender years, remarkably precocious in her sexual proclivities, and as dumb as the day was long. You would not believe the extent to which she would go to exercise the outrageous fantasies buzzing around her infantile brain, an attribute that I am ashamed to say I found irresistible. I shall make no excuse for my lapse in judgment, except to tell you that the interlude during which we were in flagrante lasted barely a moment in time. But, as Nabokov suggested, while it lasted the candle burned ever so brightly. Of all the women I met in chat rooms and on threads, while there were the usual fringe benefits, most were less than expected, less than advertised, and well below the standard I had set for myself. I cannot complain, though, for my “ladies-in-waiting” went out of their way to satisfy my needs, which had become, for lack of a better word, excessive. The great restaurant had become the deus ex machina and the focal point of my adventures. I spared no expense, and a good time was had by all. But it wasn’t enough. And then I met Donatella, and everything changed.

Love in the Rich Family: The Elegant Ex-wife

Love in the Rich Family: The Elegant Ex-wife
Author: Lan BingQianYing
Publisher: Funstory
Total Pages: 1127
Release: 2020-07-15
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1649912390

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Ji Ge had been married for three years, but her husband didn't even care to touch her. He was pregnant with Little San and Mi Mei, so he tried to make her move in front of Ji Ge. It was fine if she moved, but she suddenly became popular after making her mental preparations. Scum husband changed his mind, the domineering CEO repeatedly expressed his goodwill, and he didn't know when he fell in love with his senior. Ji Gongle didn't even know what to do anymore. In the face of danger, the domineering CEO could only use his trump card, "Ji Ge, this child was born by you." It meant that he already knew where he would go from here. Looking at the little bun, Ji Ge reluctantly gave up on a large group of handsome guys. CEO: "Man, when you are competing, you must be prepared. See, I now have beauties and a son. I would like to give my IQ a Like!"

The Art and Films of Lynn Hershman Leeson

The Art and Films of Lynn Hershman Leeson
Author: Meredith Tromble
Publisher: Univ of California Press
Total Pages: 266
Release: 2005-12-05
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: 0520239709

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Contents of accompanying DVD-ROM on p. 221 of text.

Six Gun Snow White

Six Gun Snow White
Author: Catherynne M. Valente
Publisher: Hachette UK
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2014-08-07
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1472112873

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A plain-spoken girl relates the history of her parents, a Nevada silver baron and his native-American wife, Gun That Sings. Her mother dies in childbirth, leaving her baby girl alone in a harsh world that offers no place for a half-native, half-white child. After being hidden for years, a very wicked stepmother finally gifts her the name Snow White, referring to the pale skin she will never have. Six-Gun Snow White is a fascinating and enchanting tale, at once familiar and entirely new.

Love's Answer

Love's Answer
Author: Betty McLain
Publisher: Next Chapter
Total Pages: 139
Release: 2022-01-24
Genre: Fiction

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Lily Hemp wasn't looking for love. After losing her family in an accident, surviving was enough. She grew her flowers and kept to herself, until the day a magic mirror showed her the face of a man who was supposed to be her true love. Les was no stranger to the magic mirror. He knew people who were matched through its power, and knew he would one day see his true love's face staring back at him in the reflection. He never expected his true love to be unhappy to find him. Can Les win her grief-broken heart? And with even the most innocent left lost and alone, can Lily learn to open her heart and accept the new opportunity being offered to her?