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Lost and Found at 35

Lost and Found at 35
Author: Ankit Jhamb
Publisher: Notion Press
Total Pages: 162
Release: 2020-01-21
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781647607449

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One in ten people risks falling into depression. Two in ten are struggling to find what makes them happy. Five in ten are questioning the purpose of life. Nine in ten will not have answers to the questions above. Have you dealt with such situations? Are you still trying to answer the most basic questions of life? Are these questions beginning to seem like the toughest question paper you've ever had to answer? What makes you happy? What will keep you fulfilled? Is there any purpose to being who you are? On a not-so-fateful night, thirty-five-year-old Arjun embarks on a journey that will force him to rehash, revisit, reimagine and refuel his life. In the next ten days of his life, he meets six strangers who teach him exactly the lessons he needs. He takes the hard route to self-awareness, forgiveness, finding himself and reclaiming his life from the jaws of his past. With Lost and Found at 35, immerse yourself in the life-changing story of Arjun and uncomplicate the mystery of living with passion and purpose.

Inside the Mouse

Inside the Mouse
Author: Project on Disney
Publisher: Duke University Press
Total Pages: 268
Release: 1995
Genre: Performing Arts
ISBN: 9780822316244

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Contains critical essays in which the authors, having visited Disney World as individuals and as a group, offer their perspectives on various aspects of the amusement park and its appeal.

A Rabbi Looks at Jesus' Parables

A Rabbi Looks at Jesus' Parables
Author: Frank Stern
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Total Pages: 308
Release: 2006
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9780742542716

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Intended to appeal to both Christians and Jews, A Rabbi Looks at Jesus' Parables is an introduction to the teachings of Jesus. Each chapter uncovers hidden messages within each of Jesus' parables, compares the similarities and differences in Jesus' thinking to other Jewish sources from first-century Palestine and discusses each parable within its religious and historical context

Großer Lernwortschatz Englisch

Großer Lernwortschatz Englisch
Author: Hans G. Hoffmann
Publisher: Hueber Verlag
Total Pages: 440
Release: 2003
Genre: Englisch - Wortschatz - Verzeichnis
ISBN: 3190094934

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Litigating Animal Law Disputes

Litigating Animal Law Disputes
Author: Joan Schaffner
Publisher: American Bar Association
Total Pages: 628
Release: 2009
Genre: Law
ISBN: 9781604420012

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This is a fast-growing field of law, and today more and more lawyers are finding they have cases that deal with animal law. This one-stop resource contains every major aspect of private civil and criminal litigation of animal law disputes. The book also contains sample litigation documents, discovery materials, expert information and more. It's the one resource every lawyer who engages in animal law needs.

Law in Everyday Japan

Law in Everyday Japan
Author: Mark D. West
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Total Pages: 294
Release: 2010-02-15
Genre: Law
ISBN: 0226894096

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Lawsuits are rare events in most people's lives. High-stakes cases are even less commonplace. Why is it, then, that scholarship about the Japanese legal system has focused almost exclusively on epic court battles, large-scale social issues, and corporate governance? Mark D. West's Law in Everyday Japan fills a void in our understanding of the relationship between law and social life in Japan by shifting the focus to cases more representative of everyday Japanese life. Compiling case studies based on seven fascinating themes—karaoke-based noise complaints, sumo wrestling, love hotels, post-Kobe earthquake condominium reconstruction, lost-and-found outcomes, working hours, and debt-induced suicide—Law in Everyday Japan offers a vibrant portrait of the way law intermingles with social norms, historically ingrained ideas, and cultural mores in Japan. Each example is informed by extensive fieldwork. West interviews all of the participants-from judges and lawyers to defendants, plaintiffs, and their families-to uncover an everyday Japan where law matters, albeit in very surprising ways.

Law Revision Commission for the District of Columbia

Law Revision Commission for the District of Columbia
Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on the District of Columbia. Judiciary Subcommittee
Total Pages: 184
Release: 1974

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50 Ways to Manage Time Effectively

50 Ways to Manage Time Effectively
Author: Stella Cottrell
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Total Pages: 126
Release: 2019-04-25
Genre: Study Aids
ISBN: 1352005867

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This book will inspire and motivate students to shape new habits and make effective use of time in their studies, work and everyday lives. Each of the 50 'Ways' in this book is a starting point, offering suggestions of things to do and think about, alongside opportunities to reflect on, choose and commit to new ideas and actions. It helps students to make smart use of time-saving strategies, set manageable goals and pace their study so they keep on top of deadlines. It also shows them how to identify potential distractions, manage procrastination and take action that will stand them in good stead for their studies and working lives. Packed with practical tips, this book will help students of all levels to fine-tune their time management skills, take control of their time and be more productive.

The True History Of Jesus

The True History Of Jesus
Author: Elijah Muhammad
Publisher: Elijah Muhammad Books
Total Pages: 101
Release: 2008-11-14
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 1884855873

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A True History of Jesus, his birth, death and what it means, which also goes into symbolic interpretation of his second coming and how it relates to black people in America. This title was originally written by Elijah Muhammad in the Nation of Islam's official newspaper, Muhammad Speaks as a 22 part series. This book is the complete series. The history of Jesus, Joseph (his real father) and mother, Mary, is given an exceptional analysis in the excellently written book.