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Dolly Parton, Gender, and Country Music

Dolly Parton, Gender, and Country Music
Author: Leigh H. Edwards
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Total Pages: 282
Release: 2018-01-06
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 0253031567

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Introduction: Dolly mythology -- "Backwoods Barbie": Dolly Parton's gender performance -- My Tennessee mountain home: early Parton and authenticity narratives -- Parton's crossover and film stardom: the "hillbilly Mae West"--Hungry again: reclaiming country authenticity narratives -- "Digital Dolly" and new media fandoms -- Conclusion: brand evolution and Dollywood

Country Boys and Redneck Women

Country Boys and Redneck Women
Author: Diane Pecknold
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
Total Pages: 304
Release: 2016-02-08
Genre: Music
ISBN: 1496804929

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Country music boasts a long tradition of rich, contradictory gender dynamics, creating a world where Kitty Wells could play the demure housewife and the honky-tonk angel simultaneously, Dolly Parton could move from traditionalist “girl singer” to outspoken trans rights advocate, and current radio playlists can alternate between the reckless masculinity of bro-country and the adolescent girlishness of Taylor Swift. In this follow-up volume to A Boy Named Sue, some of the leading authors in the field of country music studies reexamine the place of gender in country music, considering the ways country artists and listeners have negotiated gender and sexuality through their music and how gender has shaped the way that music is made and heard. In addition to shedding new light on such legends as Wells, Parton, Loretta Lynn, and Charley Pride, it traces more recent shifts in gender politics through the performances of such contemporary luminaries as Swift, Gretchen Wilson, and Blake Shelton. The book also explores the intersections of gender, race, class, and nationality in a host of less expected contexts, including the prisons of WWII-era Texas, where the members of the Goree All-Girl String Band became the unlikeliest of radio stars; the studios and offices of Plantation Records, where Jeannie C. Riley and Linda Martell challenged the social hierarchies of a changing South in the 1960s; and the burgeoning cities of present-day Brazil, where “college country” has become one way of negotiating masculinity in an age of economic and social instability.

She Come By It Natural

She Come By It Natural
Author: Sarah Smarsh
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Total Pages: 208
Release: 2021-09-07
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 1982157291

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"Growing up amid Kansas wheat fields and airplane factories, Sarah Smarsh witnessed firsthand the particular strengths and vulnerabilities of females in working poverty. Now, Smarsh reveals the overlooked contributions to social progress by such women -- as exemplified by the beloved icon Dolly Parton. She Come By It Natural, originally published as a four-part series for the roots-music journal No Depression, explores the intersection of gender, class, and culture through Parton's trailblazing life and songs. Infused with Smarsh's trademark intelligence and humanity, this insightful examination is a tribute to Dolly Parton and the organic feminism she embodies." --

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton
Author: Tracey E. W. Laird
Publisher: 100 Remarkable Moments
Total Pages: 267
Release: 2023-10-10
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 0760382964

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Dolly Parton: 100 Remarkable Moments in an Extraordinary Life is a beautifully illustrated celebration of a timeless icon who has shaped what it means to be a superstar.

Whose Country Music?

Whose Country Music?
Author: Paula J. Bishop
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Total Pages: 323
Release: 2022-12
Genre: Music
ISBN: 1108837123

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Questions and challenges the systems of gatekeeping that have restricted participation in twenty-first century country music culture.

The Oxford Handbook of Country Music

The Oxford Handbook of Country Music
Author: Travis D. Stimeling
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 800
Release: 2017-06-01
Genre: Music
ISBN: 0190248181

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Now in its sixth decade, country music studies is a thriving field of inquiry involving scholars working in the fields of American history, folklore, sociology, anthropology, musicology, ethnomusicology, cultural studies, and geography, among many others. Covering issues of historiography and practice as well as the ways in which the genre interacts with media and social concerns such as class, gender, and sexuality, The Oxford Handbook of Country Music interrogates prevailing narratives, explores significant lacunae in the current literature, and provides guidance for future research. More than simply treating issues that have emerged within this subfield, The Oxford Handbook of Country Music works to connect to broader discourses within the various fields that inform country music studies in an effort to strengthen the area's interdisciplinarity. Drawing upon the expertise of leading and emerging scholars, this Handbook presents an introduction into the historiographical narratives and methodological issues that have emerged in country music studies' first half-century.

Reading Country Music

Reading Country Music
Author: Cecelia Tichi
Publisher: Duke University Press
Total Pages: 428
Release: 1998
Genre: Music
ISBN: 9780822321682

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With its steel guitars, Opry stars, and honky-tonk bars, country music is an American original. Bringing together a wide range of scholars and critics from literature, communications, history, sociology, art, and music, this anthology looks at everything from the inner workings of the country music industry to the iconography of certain stars to the development of distinctive styles within the country music genre. 72 photos.

The Faith of Dolly Parton

The Faith of Dolly Parton
Author: Dudley Delffs
Publisher: Zondervan
Total Pages: 240
Release: 2018-06-05
Genre: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 0310352932

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Dolly Parton has entertained, educated, and inspired millions of fans for over five decades. Whether she’s writing songs, performing live, recording new albums, acting in or producing new movies and TV programs, expanding her wildly successful Dollywood amusement park, helping children around the world learn to read with her Imagination Library nonprofit, or donating millions of dollars to schools, charities, and people in need, the Queen of Country Music has never been shy about crediting her Christian faith for her success. “A belief in God is essential,” Dolly shares. “You have to believe in something bigger than yourself. We grew up believing that through God all things are possible.” Growing up in the little mountain church where her grandfather preached, Dolly started singing hymns and playing guitar at services when she was only six. Consequently, she has never been shy about discussing her faith and relationship with God. “People say, ‘Well, I am surprised that you talk about your faith,’ and I say, ‘Why not? That’s who I am. That’s what keeps me going,’” she explains. Tennessee native, Dolly fanboy, and award-winning writer Dudley Delffs now spotlights ten faith lessons as evidenced in Dolly’s life, music, interviews, and attitude. The Faith of Dolly Parton focuses on the ways Dolly’s life can inspire us all to be more authentic, to trust God during hard times, to stay grounded during the good times, and to always keep our sense of humor. Sometimes poignant, sometimes funny, frequently surprising, and always true to Dolly’s down-home spirit of joyful generosity, this book will delight her millions of fans as well as anyone seeking a fresh faith-filled role model.

Queer Country

Queer Country
Author: Shana Goldin-Perschbacher
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
Total Pages: 199
Release: 2022-03-22
Genre: Music
ISBN: 0252053222

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A Variety Best Music Book of 2022 A No Depression Most Memorable Music Book of 2022 A Library Journal Best Arts and Humanities Book of 2022 A Pitchfork Best Music Book of 2022 A Boot Best Music Book of 2022 A Ticketmaster Best Music Book of 2022 A Happy Magazine Best Music Book of 2022 Though frequently ignored by the music mainstream, queer and transgender country and Americana artists have made essential contributions as musicians, performers, songwriters, and producers. Queer Country blends ethnographic research with analysis and history to provide the first in-depth study of these artists and their work. Shana Goldin-Perschbacher delves into the careers of well-known lesbian artists like k.d. lang and Amy Ray and examines the unlikely success of singer-songwriter Patrick Haggerty, who found fame forty years after releasing the first out gay country album. She also focuses on later figures like nonbinary transgender musician Rae Spoon and renowned drag queen country artist Trixie Mattel; and on recent breakthrough artists like Orville Peck, Amythyst Kiah, and chart-topping Grammy-winning phenomenon Lil Nas X. Many of these musicians place gender and sexuality front and center even as it complicates their careers. But their ongoing efforts have widened the circle of country/Americana by cultivating new audiences eager to connect with the artists’ expansive music and personal identities. Detailed and one-of-a-kind, Queer Country reinterprets country and Americana music through the lives and work of artists forced to the margins of the genre's history.

Lost in the Sound

Lost in the Sound
Author: Darwin Akwo-Mboe
Publisher: Darwin Akwo-Mboe
Total Pages: 58
Release: 2023-03-08
Genre: Music

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Lost in the Sound: Music and its Influence on the Suggestive Mind is a groundbreaking examination of the multifaceted and far-reaching impact of music on our lives. From the political and social to the cultural, holistic, capitalistic, and manipulative, this book explores the many ways in which music shapes our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. At the heart of this book is an exploration of the power of music to shape political and social change. With insightful analysis of iconic protest songs and their role in movements for civil rights, anti-war protests, and other social causes, Lost in the Sound offers a fresh perspective on the transformative power of music in the political sphere. But music's influence extends far beyond the political and social realms. Lost in the Sound also delves into the ways in which music can serve as a powerful voice for different cultures, connecting people across borders and fostering greater understanding and empathy. In addition, Lost in the Sound explores the holistic and therapeutic impact of music on the mind and body. With real-life stories of individuals who have found healing and connection through music, readers will gain a new appreciation for the power of music to promote mental health and well-being. Yet Lost in the Sound doesn't shy away from the darker side of music. With an unflinching look at the ways in which music can be manipulated to serve capitalistic and commercial interests, this book offers a sobering reminder of the complex and often fraught relationship between music and money. Ultimately,this is a thought-provoking and deeply insightful exploration of the power of music to shape our lives and our world. Whether you're a musician, a music lover, or simply someone interested in the ways in which culture influences our thoughts and behaviors, this book is a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the ways in which music shapes our lives.